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A hub for day in the life snippets, designs & pieces by the artist and blogger, carefully curated style and makeup tips, and Styl-lish events, this blog is perfect for the blossoming alternative fashionista. 

 The Founder and blogger at The Styl-lish

Lisha , blogger, artist. photography by Laurence Logan


Actively into a fashion subculture for 8 years, Lisha made an impact as a Black gaijin gyaru blogger and event coordinator hailing from Chicago, IL. They debuted their blog and Youtube channel in their last year of high school, providing makeup and style tips to gals and fans worldwide while documenting their style journey. 

Lisha has worked with Animefood and Plastic Filth mags, and also Sugar Gamers as a performer and blogger respectively. They have shown art work in several art shows in the city of Chicago such as Girl Talk and the Nostalgia Show, and even partnered up.

They express creativity through not only dress and makeup, but with drawings and paintings, short skits on Youtube. You can check out some of their wares, selected and handmade on their newly rebranded consignment webshop, The Styl-lish.

Their hobbies include playing pool and video games, and para para dancing.

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