Monday, January 9, 2017

West vs East: Makeup Techniques pt3


western and eastern eyebrow trends

There is no doubt that eyebrows can make or break your look. They tend to draw in a lot of attention and people can be sticklers about their shape. Some brows work for some looks, and some shouldn't see the light of day. They frame the face and can enhance or detract from your makeup and features or be a way to show off your creativity.

For people in the West, bold, instagram trend oriented eyebrows are the in thing. Westerners also tend to arch them more than people in the east, who tend to opt for a brow that makes them appear youthful and soft.

Exceptions to the rule would be old school gal make where arched brows were borrowed from the West. These girls went against the grain of their society where pale skin and black hair and submissive attitudes were acceptable. 

western and eastern eyebrow trends
Arched brows on model from popular magazine from Japan

western and eastern eyebrow trends
Straight Brows
Though the West tend to favor beautifully angled and arched brows, there have been quite a few people and celebs who opt for a bold, straight and thick brow. People who opt for this type of brow tend to be in kawaii or ulzzang trends and culture that want to adopt a more feminine and girly appearance.

western and eastern eyebrow trends
Arched eyebrows
from popsugar
Though there a lot of women that want to keep their makeup styles on the lines of sexy and alluring, I find that it is sought after more in the west than in a lot of the trends in Asia.

western and eastern eyebrow trends
Eyebrow drawing guide just for you!

Eastern: straight eyebrows
western and eastern eyebrow trends
Another eyebrow drawing guide!

western and eastern eyebrow trends

Ladies in the east tend to lean on the lines of thick straight brows, creating a softened look for their faces. Softer brows, in shape and colour, are less intimidating than bold, dark and angled brows, and may also correlate with their society's views on how woman should portray themselves.

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