Friday, January 13, 2017

Mini haul

Shampoo and vitamins! How exciting! What I have been buying hasn't been that exciting these days it seems. Pencils, pens and basic notebooks aren't very eyecatching! maybe I should look into cute notebooks....

gyaru makeup haul, Chicago gyaru Lisha tries new stuff, organix

I kind of fell in love with the Organix shampoo. Though I'm going more natural with my hair care, I haven't fully researched all my options and would like to use up this stuff first! I went with the biotin and collagen and also keratin oil ones to aid in hair growth. Decided to mix it up from the keratin shampoo and conditioner I got during the Summer of 2015.

I also bought vitamins too for the fall and winter time to combat SADS due to lack of sun and my general hermitness during this season. Neesie, whom I met at Acen a few years ago gave me that tip! Thank you so much!

Until next time!

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