Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Good evening, loves! I do try to keep my posts early, but, welp, sometimes a late night post will do.
So, 2016 is finally over! To some, its good riddance! To others... its more on the lines of, where DID the time go?! *sweats*
For me, I'd like to hug 2016 or give 'em a playful 'punch' on the shoulder like one would do an old chum. I had a lot of adventures last year, from horseback riding, swimming, and meeting new gals. I felt really good to close the chapter for the previous year.

gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations
The Fam! Birthday girl was on fleek!
So happy to finish off the year in a place and mindset filled with more peace, love and things that spark my creativity even more, and enthralled to bring in the New Year with friends and good people. (ok... still haven't mastered the super power of duplicating myself just yet to be everywhere and with everyone to be at all the parties........)

gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations
Her outfit was too cute!!

For celebrations, I went to two parties where one I got to bartend at and the other I got to chill. Good vibes all around!
My phone died so I couldn't grab all the photos I wanted for the continuation of new year celebrations!
gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations
His "Keep Having a Good Day" series always encourages me to see the good in everyday
gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations

gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations
Styl-lish friends
I got to bartend at the event and I did not imagine how much champagne would be poured.... 
gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations
so much champagne was poured...

By the time I made it to Reina's..... My phone was dead. -_-; BUT! I partied til about 5am, ate some delicious chicken that seriously need a blog post of its own. I wanted to keep going... but maybe if I had scheduled some time off.....

Party pic stolen from Pandy

Anyway, it felt thoroughly great to ring in the new year. Cheers to new adventures!

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