Friday, January 27, 2017

Skin Care

With us doing make up from a few days a week to nearly every day, it is very important to treat your skin nice in between you wearing your make up. Here are some tips for you!

1.       Don’t: Skipping the water. Going just for juices loaded with sugar, sodas and adult beverages.
Do: Hydrate, hydrate, HYDRATE with water and natural juices!
Why: Hydration is super important for the cells in your body, not just your face! Being dehydrated causes the skin to dry out, causing wrinkles and looking dull.
*Alcohol dehydrates you and you need to make up the water that is lost.

2.       Don’t: Sleeping in your make up!
Do: Clean!
Why: Depending on your make up usage and how long you wear it during the day, PLUS keeping it on as you sleep prevents your skin from breathing.  This causes and or helps break outs, and aging of the skin.
After every night, before you close your eyes and dream of your next cute code for an event, meet up or general outing, remove your lashes, lens and make up with a gentle cleanser suited for your skin type.

3.       Don’t: Not exfoliating.
Do: Exfoliating gently.
Why: Exfoliating with a gentle exfoliating cleanser  sloughs off the dead skin on top of the new skin that makes you look dull and dry.
*However, doing this too much or too rough will damage the skin instead!

4.       Don’t: Not wearing an appropriate sunscreen or moisturizing.
DO: Wearing an appropriate sunscreen and moisturizer daily.
Why: Applying an appropriate sunscreen before your foundation will help block some of the UV rays from your skin while you are out and about. Moisturizing before you put on your make up and after helps keeps your skin supple, soft and smooth especially if you are weathering harsh winter temperatures.

5.       Don’t: Eating bad foods regularly. Not eating your veggies.
Do: Eat a healthy and balanced diet and take your vitamins.
Why: Eating bad foods do not give you the nourishment you need to have healthy looking skin. Eating lean meats and fish, and lots of veggies and fruits is best!
Taking a boost of vitamins and supplements not just for the health benefits can help your skin and hair grow! Who wouldn’t want that!? You can also add in collagen pills to your vitamin regiment to help give you a little boost with your skin care.

6.       Don’t:  Frowning, being angry and stressed.
Do: Meditate and calm down.
Why: Being able to calm yourself down is very important. When you are stressed out, it manifests in your body. You don’t want to be so stressed out that you are constantly frowning or furrowing your brows, causing wrinkles over time. Center yourself, breathe, and get that inner peace! Doing yoga or working out for about 30min a day can help expend some of that restless energy. You can also make yourself a nice warm bath with bath salts or bath bombs to relax in too!

                Thank you for reading and stay tuned! Comments are always appreciated!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

Mini haul

Shampoo and vitamins! How exciting! What I have been buying hasn't been that exciting these days it seems. Pencils, pens and basic notebooks aren't very eyecatching! maybe I should look into cute notebooks....

gyaru makeup haul, Chicago gyaru Lisha tries new stuff, organix

I kind of fell in love with the Organix shampoo. Though I'm going more natural with my hair care, I haven't fully researched all my options and would like to use up this stuff first! I went with the biotin and collagen and also keratin oil ones to aid in hair growth. Decided to mix it up from the keratin shampoo and conditioner I got during the Summer of 2015.

I also bought vitamins too for the fall and winter time to combat SADS due to lack of sun and my general hermitness during this season. Neesie, whom I met at Acen a few years ago gave me that tip! Thank you so much!

Until next time!

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Monday, January 9, 2017

West vs East: Makeup Techniques pt3


western and eastern eyebrow trends

There is no doubt that eyebrows can make or break your look. They tend to draw in a lot of attention and people can be sticklers about their shape. Some brows work for some looks, and some shouldn't see the light of day. They frame the face and can enhance or detract from your makeup and features or be a way to show off your creativity.

For people in the West, bold, instagram trend oriented eyebrows are the in thing. Westerners also tend to arch them more than people in the east, who tend to opt for a brow that makes them appear youthful and soft.

Exceptions to the rule would be old school gal make where arched brows were borrowed from the West. These girls went against the grain of their society where pale skin and black hair and submissive attitudes were acceptable. 

western and eastern eyebrow trends
Arched brows on model from popular magazine from Japan

western and eastern eyebrow trends
Straight Brows
Though the West tend to favor beautifully angled and arched brows, there have been quite a few people and celebs who opt for a bold, straight and thick brow. People who opt for this type of brow tend to be in kawaii or ulzzang trends and culture that want to adopt a more feminine and girly appearance.

western and eastern eyebrow trends
Arched eyebrows
from popsugar
Though there a lot of women that want to keep their makeup styles on the lines of sexy and alluring, I find that it is sought after more in the west than in a lot of the trends in Asia.

western and eastern eyebrow trends
Eyebrow drawing guide just for you!

Eastern: straight eyebrows
western and eastern eyebrow trends
Another eyebrow drawing guide!

western and eastern eyebrow trends

Ladies in the east tend to lean on the lines of thick straight brows, creating a softened look for their faces. Softer brows, in shape and colour, are less intimidating than bold, dark and angled brows, and may also correlate with their society's views on how woman should portray themselves.

Questions or comments? Submit below! I'd love to read them!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Goodbye 2016, Hello 2017!

Good evening, loves! I do try to keep my posts early, but, welp, sometimes a late night post will do.
So, 2016 is finally over! To some, its good riddance! To others... its more on the lines of, where DID the time go?! *sweats*
For me, I'd like to hug 2016 or give 'em a playful 'punch' on the shoulder like one would do an old chum. I had a lot of adventures last year, from horseback riding, swimming, and meeting new gals. I felt really good to close the chapter for the previous year.

gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations
The Fam! Birthday girl was on fleek!
So happy to finish off the year in a place and mindset filled with more peace, love and things that spark my creativity even more, and enthralled to bring in the New Year with friends and good people. (ok... still haven't mastered the super power of duplicating myself just yet to be everywhere and with everyone to be at all the parties........)

gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations
Her outfit was too cute!!

For celebrations, I went to two parties where one I got to bartend at and the other I got to chill. Good vibes all around!
My phone died so I couldn't grab all the photos I wanted for the continuation of new year celebrations!
gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations
His "Keep Having a Good Day" series always encourages me to see the good in everyday
gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations

gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations
Styl-lish friends
I got to bartend at the event and I did not imagine how much champagne would be poured.... 
gaijin gyaru Lisha's nye celebrations
so much champagne was poured...

By the time I made it to Reina's..... My phone was dead. -_-; BUT! I partied til about 5am, ate some delicious chicken that seriously need a blog post of its own. I wanted to keep going... but maybe if I had scheduled some time off.....

Party pic stolen from Pandy

Anyway, it felt thoroughly great to ring in the new year. Cheers to new adventures!

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