Thursday, December 15, 2016

Night Fall Gallery Exhibit

Night Fall

The Night Is a Wonderful Place 

Night Fall Gallery

After a long week's work, I found myself at Rotofugi for a macabre-esque gallery opening. I felt at home surrounded by handcrafted moths atop skull halves, stylish soft felt bird skulls adorned with delicate glittering beads housed under glass jars and dark yet humorous sketches and sculptures of plump black crows. 

Night Fall Gallery
Andrew and Lana Posterior Fontanelle

This was the combined worlds of Andrew Bell (New York) and Lana Crook (Chicago), and I was engulfed inside it.

They chatted with me about their work process, enlightening me on how they arrived at their final creations.

Night Fall Gallery,
Andrew Bell The Fall 

I also met Dj. Sean Doe and Mini Marshmellow Man, Marshal too!

Night Fall Gallery, anime geeks

Lana's and Andrew's exhibit will continue until Dec. 31st.
Rotofugi Gallery is located at 2780 N. Lincoln Ave in Chicago, IL.

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