Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Get Your Hustle On!

Photo cred Chicago Now

On my birthday, I got hired at a new part-time job downtown (an old birthday wish)! Though I won't be able to dilly dally as much during the weekends, I can at least get out the house more... even though its to be inside mostly. Its definitely a change of pace for me and I enjoy it so far.

I've met some talented and knowledgeable people and I am surrounded by gorgeousness. Also, I get to see all the Holiday decorations and festive lights after work!
Oh... have you seen the spectacular tree I posted on my ig from the Walnut Room the other day? Check it out! 

The downside.... Being in the Loop makes me want to shop! I'm already eyeing the makeup counters, and clothes shops! Oh no!!

If you can grab a table from the Walnut Room at Macy's, tell me what you enjoyed there! I heard it gets full with reservations!!  
Until next time loves!

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