Monday, November 28, 2016

Makeup Brush Care


Cleaning can be a chore, and even if it is, it is one thing that has to be done. Cleaning a few makeup brushes isn’t nearly as a daunting task than cleaning the whole apartment or a sink full of dishes after a delicious feast, but can be quickly overlooked with all that we do in life.

Keeping your brushes clean not only knocks out a tiny chore, but is very beneficial to yourself.  You banish bacteria ( and also skin cells, dirt, old product)down the drain that can has built up on the bristles that can clog your pores or break you out, or worse, can spread viruses that can cause pinkeye or Staph infections! Yikes!  When you keep your brushes clean, you won’t worry about mudding up eyeshadow colours or trouble with blending your makeup with cruddy bristles.

Here’s a run down on the basics:
  • Makeup Brush cleaner/mild soap
  • Water
  • Tools that need to be cleansed
  • Optional: music

Clean your brushes and sponges with warm soapy water. – Gently work mild soap and water into the bristles of your brushes and sponges. Depending on how often you wash your brushes can determine how many times you may have to rinse and repeat. Sponges tend to absorb a lot of product, thus you will have to make sure you are thoroughly washing and rinsing them! Kabuki styled brushes may have old cakey product stuck within the bristles as you clean them.

Dry- Dry your brushes and sponges on a clean towel after squeezing most of the water out of them.
Store- Store your tools once they are dried.

Annnnd, you’re done! Well, until next time its brush cleansing time!

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  1. Brush cleaning is something I always forget to do, but it's so important like you said. I really need to make a habit of doing it more often.

  2. i love the music thing ! i think this is what i was missing :)


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