Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Colour Trend

It feels more like Fall in Chicago, well, on some days... and I've been getting ready for it all: the crisp air, Halloween decorations, the beautiful colours of the leaves before they flutter down from outstretched branches.
I've also been thinking of colour schemes and cute jackets and sweaters for this season as well.
One of the main colours I wanted to showcase in some of my outfits is a burgandy, or a wine colour. It fits within mature styles while giving you a pop of colour.
Here are a few items that work as a quick go to template that would look great in this month's colour, fit for fall.


Bold enough to keep on trend, yet you can always remove it for your stylish outfit underneath.


What says fall better than a soft and cozy sweater? Nothing...thats what! Pair it with heeled or flat booties and dark pants or jeans!


A pair of deep red boots or heels looks gorgeous rustling through piles of autumn leaves. With a matching coloured purse or hat, this can keep an outfit on point and cohesive!

Maybe its time to knit a wine coloured sweater....hrm... 

What's your favourite burgandy/wine coloured item for the fall?  

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