Friday, October 28, 2016

The Toxic Gal Comm

Since this little bug has been in my ear for a while, I guess I'll post about it. I've heard people critiquing the gal comms as 'its toxic' blablabla. Ok. So?

First and foremost...

The world and its many subdivisions can and are toxic. Gamer and tech worlds. Beauty worlds. Queer ones. Straight ones. Heteronormative ones. Poc ones. And that list goes on and on, ad nauseum. People can be mean. People can be assholes.

A fashion subculture or something 'different' isn't exempt.

But, if the phrase was reworded to atleast seem like a complete idea, then maybe I'd have more to say.

True it has given me a ton of headaches, but I got to meet people with inspiring talents and style and chatted with people all over the world which made me happy. I got to make events and meet people and give advice to aspiring gals or people who just liked the type of makeup I did.

More on this later...maybe.

Coments? Please share! 

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