Monday, October 17, 2016

Nailing It! Nailcare Part 3

Lisha's Guide To Nailcare
Pt 3

Nail Extensions

Nail extensions can help if you want your nails to be longer... just without the wait. They last for two to four weeks depending on your upkeep along with the nail tech's quality.

When choosing a salon, you will not only be looking at their prices for their services, but for also any additional services you will want for your appointment and the nail tech's handiwork.
Nail salons offer the basics such as manicures, pedicures and various polish applications, and some offer nail extensions and designs as a part of their skills.

Acrylics, a plastic, is used to sculpt a nail, using either nail tips as the base or a sticker form. This material dries on its own.

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True gels, usually less common in some areas, is thick and uses a uv lamp to cure it into its hardened state.

Make sure you are vocal, and polite, while the nail tech does your nails. You will need to have some idea of what the final outcome will be. This includes nail shape, if you want colour or designs, or even if the nail tech is being too rough.

Bonus tip!: Make sure you check your nails as they grow out or if you crack one. Water can seep under the acrylic if it has started to lift, resulting in a possible fungal infection! Yikes!!

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