Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gal Weekend pt2

This warm weekend was another fashionable meetup for Chicago's gyaru-sa, Champagne Pop.
After work, I got ready on the bus, trying to do as much of my makeup as I could, invoking so many nostalgic feelings of ye olde gyaru times. 

Lisha's Banba, kurogyaru outfit

I went for a more banba-esque look with a dress that had a trippy, kaleidoscope print on it and light beige heels from Akira. 

Chicago gyaru circle

Champagne Pop made their entrance at Three Dots and a Dash, sauntering through the packed, tropical themed bar, finding me sitting near the dj, sipping a drink out of a cute coconut cup. 

Lisha's Banba, kurogyaru makeup

We danced and chatted to the latest songs with island themes, waiting for our table reservation to enjoy ourselves a bit more with a group drink named The Zombie

Beverage at Three dots and a dash

Beverage at Three dots and a dash, gyaru meetup
Group photo 

Afterwards, we para'd nearby the establishment, blasting Night of Fire. Surprisingly, we gained interest from people who were entranced by our precision and skill despite us not having practiced in a while!

On Sunday it was moreso a chill day as we had stayed up late the night before. 
I got to do Sio's nails too. 

Rokku goth gyaru Sio
Nail set! 

Rokku, ane, banba Lisha
Coordinate for Yeowoosai 

Gyaru meet at Yeowoosai
Kimchi Nachos! 

Gaijin gyaru, pandy and lisha
Pandy and I 

Gaijin gyaru Sio and Eteria
Eteria and Sio

We wrapped up the weekend on Sunday night filled up on Korean drinks and kimchi nachos and zooming through the sleepy windy city. 

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