Friday, October 28, 2016

The Toxic Gal Comm

Since this little bug has been in my ear for a while, I guess I'll post about it. I've heard people critiquing the gal comms as 'its toxic' blablabla. Ok. So?
First and foremost...
The world and its many subdivisions can and can be toxic. Gamer and tech worlds. Beauty worlds. Queer ones. Straight ones. Heteronormative ones. Poc ones. And that list goes on and on, ad nauseum. People can be mean. People can be assholes.
A fashion subculture or something 'different' isn't exempt and the people who participate in forums where people create rumours to best the competition and spread those rumors are toxic. 

But, if the phrase was reworded to atleast seem like a complete idea, then maybe I'd have more to say.
True it has given me a ton of headaches, but I got to meet people with inspiring talents and style and chatted with people all over the world which made me happy. I got to make events and meet people and give advice to aspiring gals or people who just liked the type of makeup I did.
More on this later...maybe.
Coments? Please share! 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

West vs East: Makeup Techniques


With new steps added into a full face of makeup, the Western makeup trend is way sculpted than ever before. This ''instagram baddie'' look derived from the way drag queens applied their makeup has made way in the makeup world on and off Instagram for the past few years. People contour their foreheads, noses, cheeks, and chins; defining their faces and features with layers of makeup.

makeup trend, contouring , Anastasia beverly hills

On the other hand, gyaru makeup and make up trends from the East rarely contour as much. If its done at all, its fairly light for most girly styles. The only styles that broke this rule were Manba, banba and Kuro gal, and at times, goth and vkei styles. 

Heirofglee's contour

With gyaru makeup, onee gyaru for instance, many focus on a gentle nose contour and a slight sweep of it on the cheeks and maybe forehead. This is done fairly light compared to the trend in Western contour make up trends.

gyaru magazine contouring

eastern, gyaru contouring
mydarlingrainbow's contouring
Which do you prefer for your own makeup? Bold contouring, or more subtle?
Comments are greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gal Weekend pt2

This warm weekend was another fashionable meetup for Chicago's gyaru-sa, Champagne Pop.
After work, I got ready on the bus, trying to do as much of my makeup as I could, invoking so many nostalgic feelings of ye olde gyaru times. 

Lisha's Banba, kurogyaru outfit

I went for a more banba-esque look with a dress that had a trippy, kaleidoscope print on it and light beige heels from Akira. 

Chicago gyaru circle

Champagne Pop made their entrance at Three Dots and a Dash, sauntering through the packed, tropical themed bar, finding me sitting near the dj, sipping a drink out of a cute coconut cup. 

Lisha's Banba, kurogyaru makeup

We danced and chatted to the latest songs with island themes, waiting for our table reservation to enjoy ourselves a bit more with a group drink named The Zombie

Beverage at Three dots and a dash

Beverage at Three dots and a dash, gyaru meetup
Group photo 

Afterwards, we para'd nearby the establishment, blasting Night of Fire. Surprisingly, we gained interest from people who were entranced by our precision and skill despite us not having practiced in a while!

On Sunday it was moreso a chill day as we had stayed up late the night before. 
I got to do Sio's nails too. 

Rokku goth gyaru Sio
Nail set! 

Rokku, ane, banba Lisha
Coordinate for Yeowoosai 

Gyaru meet at Yeowoosai
Kimchi Nachos! 

Gaijin gyaru, pandy and lisha
Pandy and I 

Gaijin gyaru Sio and Eteria
Eteria and Sio

We wrapped up the weekend on Sunday night filled up on Korean drinks and kimchi nachos and zooming through the sleepy windy city. 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Nailing It! Nailcare Part 3

Lisha's Guide To Nailcare
Pt 3

Nail Extensions

Nail extensions can help if you want your nails to be longer... just without the wait. They last for two to four weeks depending on your upkeep along with the nail tech's quality.

When choosing a salon, you will not only be looking at their prices for their services, but for also any additional services you will want for your appointment and the nail tech's handiwork.
Nail salons offer the basics such as manicures, pedicures and various polish applications, and some offer nail extensions and designs as a part of their skills.

Acrylics, a plastic, is used to sculpt a nail, using either nail tips as the base or a sticker form. This material dries on its own.

photo from

True gels, usually less common in some areas, is thick and uses a uv lamp to cure it into its hardened state.

Make sure you are vocal, and polite, while the nail tech does your nails. You will need to have some idea of what the final outcome will be. This includes nail shape, if you want colour or designs, or even if the nail tech is being too rough.

Bonus tip!: Make sure you check your nails as they grow out or if you crack one. Water can seep under the acrylic if it has started to lift, resulting in a possible fungal infection! Yikes!!

Read the first Nailcare here and the second one here

Friday, October 14, 2016

Dammit Hottopic!

Its always just a matter of time til something that's not mainstream gains traction and is seen popping up in alternative stores and in Halloween costume shops.
It was only a matter of time for it to happen to the first Jfashion I fell in love with; Lolita.
Branded lolitawear, in all its modest glory, from Baby The Stars Shine Bright to Metamorphose, was praised for its cloth and lace quality. Indie lolita brands reigning in second place, and the infamous Bodyline being shunned with upturned noses.
Hottopic ceased a trend that grew and was fostered in the Western Jfashion community. Overlooking what Lolita's wanted and were searching for to produce what looks like a one-and-done Halloweeb costume.
Though it makes it more affordable for people who cannot drop 400$ usd on a branded dress, quality and design was a huge factor in lolita clothing.
<i> What do you think about Hottopic picking up lolita style to sell in their stores? Have you checked it out? Share your stories and comments! </i>
Check out my online store, . Sales help keep this blog running + future coverage from different conventions, and more !

Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Gyaru Make Up Tutorial Coming Monday!

Yippu! Its a new season and not only that, I've been inspired to make a new makeup video again! This time around its not manba or kuro gyaru related! (Le gasp!)

I had fun making it and putting it together as well. 
I will also have a post and maybe a video about how to make bottom lashes too so stay tuned! 

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