Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Recap

Sandra's Bday Activity!

About to get paired up with a horse
For Sandra’s celebration, one of the members of Champagne Pop, we took a trip to a stable where we all were able to take horseback riding! We were paired up with a horse that seemed to be a match in Horse Riding Heaven!

Elvis and I
The stable staff was very knowledgeable and taught us some saddling tips and helped us get to know the horses before taking them out to ride. Horseback Riding was a bit of a workout for us. We had to learn how to keep ourselves erect while riding the horse with and without holding on to the reigns as we did laps. It was also pretty hot and sunny which made for a day seeming a little longer than usual!   
We did it!

For me, it was a little difficult trying to match the pace of the horse and I had to concentrate a lot as I was not used to riding and the feel of riding as well. However, I think it is something I would love to do with my sa-jin again! 

Snacking... just like me


Now we can be cowboys

After horseback riding, we went to a water park and cooled off. I tried some of the crazy water slides, but I think the Lazy River is the best. Sandra and Porche were the daredevils and tried a slide that was very steep. Way too steep for me!

A little late, but... better late than never right? oh hohoho.....

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