Monday, September 26, 2016

Nailing It! Nailcare Part 2

Lisha's Guide To Nailcare
Pt 2

Polishing Up

Welcome back to the second part of the Nailcare Guide! If you missed the first part, click here.

Polishes, nail varnishes, nail lacquers, are a great and definitely easy way to add a pop of colour and personality to your hands. Polishes come in so many different colours, finishes (if the polish is glittery, shiny, or matte), and not to mention brands.

Applying polishes are pretty straight forward.:

  • Apply the polish to a clean nail bed. Let dry. 
  • Apply a second coat to make the colour more opaque.
  • Top it all with a top coat of your choice. 

You let the layers of polish dry thoroughly... which can be a little difficult, maybe not as difficult as the polish mountain challenge! Setting aside some time where you can relax is the most beneficial to avoid smudging.

Bonus tip!: Want a no hassle look that you can still get away with having chipped polish? Use light colours that are more on the transparent side! It doesn't draw attention the way very opaque or dark colours do.

Stay tuned for part 3; nail extensions.

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