Monday, September 19, 2016

My Journey

Mental Health and Vitamins


This year in the journey of bettering myself and mood, I decided to look into B vitamins. I have added in working out into my schedule, positive affirmations instead of negative self talk, listening to different music that uplift than perpetuate negative moods, and also meditating and yoga. I wanted to do more in my daily routing to not only establish something constant, but to (hopefully) boost my mood and keep me going.

I researched a few things and had to take note that B6 and B12 are helpful with mood. Neesie, a Lolita I met at an anime convention, also told me that Vitamin D is also helpful. We don’t get as much of it here in the Midwest when it becomes cold because we aren’t outside as much to absorb it from the sun resulting in SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you have dairy sensitivity or intolerance like myself, you may also be at risk unless the foods you eat contain enough of it.

Currently I have taken several months of B6 and B12, and will restock my supply along with some Vitamin D. It is still kind of summer, and I usually am in better spirits, but I will defo check back in during the Spring to see how well this new addition to my routine works! I may even buy a Happy Light!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned! Comments are always appreciated!

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