Monday, September 12, 2016

Advice for Shared Living


For those moving out for the first time, whether its in a dorm or an apartment, roommates can definitely bring the cost of living down especially in a big city such as Chicago! The rent is split, and household chores are also halved between you and your roommates, making it easier for young adults and college kids

Some tips when it comes to roommates are to have open communication, knowing how chores will be split, and discussing company. Nothing is worse living with someone you can’t get along with and can’t bring important discussions to. That goes beyond than just being ignored and include senseless arguing as well and the lack of empathy for the other person. Not everyone comes from the same background so people’s views will be different and assumptions can do more harm than good.

Chores are pretty simple; you mess up, you clean up. No one wants to deal with pests or clutter and that can put a strain on a relationship. I think its best when roommates clean up dishes and cookware as soon as possible than letting it sit in a sink for a few days to weeks. This can not only provide a breeding ground for flies and gnats, but also bacteria and pissed off feelings. No one wants to wait til dishes are cleaned to be able to cook their meal because everything is filthy.

Having parties and friends over is a part of life, but can take a turn for the worse if company comes unexpected. Some people may not mind someone coming over unannounced for their roommate, but some may need preparation to deal with that or just may want to not look like they just rolled out of bed before greeting someone.

Knowing as many of the expectations can work for you and keep tensions low. Hold each other capable and accountable in your dorm or household and enjoy your time together!

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