Monday, September 26, 2016

Nailing It! Nailcare Part 2

Lisha's Guide To Nailcare
Pt 2

Polishing Up

Welcome back to the second part of the Nailcare Guide! If you missed the first part, click here.

Polishes, nail varnishes, nail lacquers, are a great and definitely easy way to add a pop of colour and personality to your hands. Polishes come in so many different colours, finishes (if the polish is glittery, shiny, or matte), and not to mention brands.

Applying polishes are pretty straight forward.:

  • Apply the polish to a clean nail bed. Let dry. 
  • Apply a second coat to make the colour more opaque.
  • Top it all with a top coat of your choice. 

You let the layers of polish dry thoroughly... which can be a little difficult, maybe not as difficult as the polish mountain challenge! Setting aside some time where you can relax is the most beneficial to avoid smudging.

Bonus tip!: Want a no hassle look that you can still get away with having chipped polish? Use light colours that are more on the transparent side! It doesn't draw attention the way very opaque or dark colours do.

Stay tuned for part 3; nail extensions.

Monday, September 19, 2016

My Journey

Mental Health and Vitamins


This year in the journey of bettering myself and mood, I decided to look into B vitamins. I have added in working out into my schedule, positive affirmations instead of negative self talk, listening to different music that uplift than perpetuate negative moods, and also meditating and yoga. I wanted to do more in my daily routing to not only establish something constant, but to (hopefully) boost my mood and keep me going.

I researched a few things and had to take note that B6 and B12 are helpful with mood. Neesie, a Lolita I met at an anime convention, also told me that Vitamin D is also helpful. We don’t get as much of it here in the Midwest when it becomes cold because we aren’t outside as much to absorb it from the sun resulting in SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. If you have dairy sensitivity or intolerance like myself, you may also be at risk unless the foods you eat contain enough of it.

Currently I have taken several months of B6 and B12, and will restock my supply along with some Vitamin D. It is still kind of summer, and I usually am in better spirits, but I will defo check back in during the Spring to see how well this new addition to my routine works! I may even buy a Happy Light!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned! Comments are always appreciated!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Advice for Shared Living


For those moving out for the first time, whether its in a dorm or an apartment, roommates can definitely bring the cost of living down especially in a big city such as Chicago! The rent is split, and household chores are also halved between you and your roommates, making it easier for young adults and college kids

Some tips when it comes to roommates are to have open communication, knowing how chores will be split, and discussing company. Nothing is worse living with someone you can’t get along with and can’t bring important discussions to. That goes beyond than just being ignored and include senseless arguing as well and the lack of empathy for the other person. Not everyone comes from the same background so people’s views will be different and assumptions can do more harm than good.

Chores are pretty simple; you mess up, you clean up. No one wants to deal with pests or clutter and that can put a strain on a relationship. I think its best when roommates clean up dishes and cookware as soon as possible than letting it sit in a sink for a few days to weeks. This can not only provide a breeding ground for flies and gnats, but also bacteria and pissed off feelings. No one wants to wait til dishes are cleaned to be able to cook their meal because everything is filthy.

Having parties and friends over is a part of life, but can take a turn for the worse if company comes unexpected. Some people may not mind someone coming over unannounced for their roommate, but some may need preparation to deal with that or just may want to not look like they just rolled out of bed before greeting someone.

Knowing as many of the expectations can work for you and keep tensions low. Hold each other capable and accountable in your dorm or household and enjoy your time together!

Thank you for reading and stay tuned! Comments are always appreciated!

Friday, September 9, 2016

And It Begins

Headed into work in a bit. Simplicity and pretty basic is the goal for today's look.
Did my meditation and stretches,read some articles, and doodled for a while.

Just ready to get the day started, and finished so I can work on my own projects. Its a little gloomy today, and its already making me want to get cozy, knit and nap. 😌💤

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Nostalgia Show Recap

August 19th, 2016 marked the second year of the Nostalgia Show and the last bit of fall! Local artists, Natalia Virufuentas and Elgin Bokari, created the Nostalgia Show to showcase and provide a space for various facets of art produced by other artistically inclined Artists in Chicago.

Natalia Virufuentas 
The Nostalgia Show is a gallery event that lets artists run wild with their renditions of childhood cartoons and shows that appealed to them. For this year’s theme, local artists produced work that highlighted their favorite dastardly villain or courageous hero. 

 Several artists took to using the mic and their lyrical and musical skills, rapping and using poetry with memories of popular shows and strengthening messages imbedded within. The others used paintings, drawings, and even plushies and 3d printed art works as their mediums of choice.

Elgin Bokari
I was able to speak with Elgin and he had this to share:

“I had a great time and love seeing my people smile and enjoy themselves. The NBostalgia Show is a means o f connecting with your inner child and getting back to times in whixh the boggest ccare in the world was simply choosing what cartoon or favorite show you wanted to watch. We struggle to stay balanced in this crazy world, reliving positive moments only breeds an awaking of new energy.”

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 All pictures are property of James Brodie Photography

Monday, September 5, 2016

Summer Recap

Sandra's Bday Activity!

About to get paired up with a horse
For Sandra’s celebration, one of the members of Champagne Pop, we took a trip to a stable where we all were able to take horseback riding! We were paired up with a horse that seemed to be a match in Horse Riding Heaven!

Elvis and I
The stable staff was very knowledgeable and taught us some saddling tips and helped us get to know the horses before taking them out to ride. Horseback Riding was a bit of a workout for us. We had to learn how to keep ourselves erect while riding the horse with and without holding on to the reigns as we did laps. It was also pretty hot and sunny which made for a day seeming a little longer than usual!   
We did it!

For me, it was a little difficult trying to match the pace of the horse and I had to concentrate a lot as I was not used to riding and the feel of riding as well. However, I think it is something I would love to do with my sa-jin again! 

Snacking... just like me


Now we can be cowboys

After horseback riding, we went to a water park and cooled off. I tried some of the crazy water slides, but I think the Lazy River is the best. Sandra and Porche were the daredevils and tried a slide that was very steep. Way too steep for me!

A little late, but... better late than never right? oh hohoho.....

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Highbrow Lowbrow Straightbrow!

I am a big fan of arched eyebrows and have been perfecting them for years in my gyaru journey.
Recently, straight brows have become a thing for people in and out of kawaii fashion. The straight brow gives a person a supposedly youthful appearance. 

Those were the samples I drew inspiratiom from...

And this is what I came up with. One brow is a little wonky and both are just... ok. Maybe I'll add this brow look in my repertoire.

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned!
Gyaru items and handmade goodies 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello September

August seemed to pass by all too quickly, ending a lot of summer breaks as we know it. I enjoyed my break and the new adventures and memories I was able to make with my colleagues, coworkers and my gyaru-sa, but it did seem a little long for me.

Though I want to see how this year pans out, I already long for the summer days I didn't put to full use, but I did enjoy the rest I was able to catch up on.

Its time to finish up my summer recaps and get super prepared for fall!

Hello September.

Stay tuned readers! 🌟