Saturday, May 28, 2016

Party All Night

This weekend was jampacked with events and parties.

I started off the weekend at a yacht party, chatting and meeting new people and getting to know a few I met at a previous event. It rained quite a bit on Friday but it did not stop the wonderful time riding past the gorgeous buildings that were lined up by the river and added a touch of the dramatique to the fashion show.

There were also Dior models showcasing beautiful designs that piqued my interest (you can catch a snippet on my IG) .

After the yacht party, Cartoon's party and I made our way to Parliament, then Time for the amazing after party in River North. 🍸

Saturday Night Live

I got to play and experience indie games Woman Made Gallery hosted by Keisha of Sugar Gamers. The merging of an art space with indie games and tech themed art was a perfect combination.

Until next time!

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