Monday, May 23, 2016

Acen 2016

Acen 2016 weekend was upon us, and seemed to quickly pass, bringing us fun panels, shared times together, and goodies from the Dealers Hall. Having been going to Acen for quite a while now, it seemed a slightly calmer than the previous ones I’ve attended, which made the experience greater. I attended several panels, two hosted by Harajuku Fashion walk creator Eteria, and two with Voice Actress of Kaori Miyazono (from Your Lie in April)Erica Lindbeck and Voice Actor and Voice Director Patrick Seitz.
Eteria’s panels were filled with information about Jfashion, where to go to buy key pieces for your wardrobe for your style of choice, and even goodies for the raffle winners! She touched on topics about what helps bring any style together, which lashes work best for gyaru make up, and what the most important differences for each style were. Including pictures of Western gyaru in her Agepoyo! A Beginner’s Guide to Gyaru, she united worldwide gyaru fashion instead of separating lovers of the style.
Attending Erica’s and Patrick’s panels were thoroughly enjoyable, and what I took away from their panels were tips that sometimes I feel some people would rather not talk on, or even hilarious moments in their career. Patrick prefers voice acting for anime than games due to the fact that in anime, you can hook into your character more with a lot more context and emotional bonding. I had asked him about the challenges in his career that he has encountered and/or overcame. Since he does both voice acting and directing, he doesn’t have time for both. Not only that, but work-life balance isn’t much of a thing for him when he is taking on directing projects.
Erica was originally from Greenville, Carolina, living and working in traffic filled Los Angeles. She too is also one to be connected emotionally to her characters for voice acting. Drawing on past experiences and the real emotions attached helps her do her best work. Faking her emotions for her characters isn’t something that she does and wants to be authentic as possible. One of her tips was “Acting is about human experience” and encourages interested people to live life, and gather those experiences. If there was a reboot for any anime in the future, she would love to take on the roles of Julia or Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bepop.
Erica Lindbeck
Erica Lindbeck
Now, some more pictures!
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