Friday, December 23, 2016

West vs East: Makeup Techniques pt 2


blush types from
blush styles from

Firstly, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays Styl-Lish readers! Hope everyone is in good spirits and enjoying time with loved ones and friends that bring them joy! 

For the second installation of the West Vs. East make up analysis is the subject of blush, or blusher! Its application can make the cheeks look quite rosy and adds in a little colour as well. In the west, we tend to apply blush to the apples of cheeks,  or hollow of cheek for a throwback 80s style . Its generally done softer to be able to blend and not be so stark. There are also some instances where the blush is a darker bronze colour than a red, orange or pink depending on our skin tone.

gyaru blog blush tips and analysis
Western blush styles
In the East, I have noticed that their blush tends to be sweeped almost directly under the eyes than on the apples of the cheek. It also is applied a little on the heavy side, showing off the rosy cheeked look.

gyaru blog blush tips and analysis
Eastern blush style

gyaru blog blush tips and analysis

Make up fanatics and aficionados tend to apply blush to look sultry and sexy, whereas in the East its done to make the wearer appear more youthful.

gyaru blog blush tips and analysis
 A more dolly approach

How do you prefer your blush to be applied? Comment below!

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Get Your Hustle On!

Photo cred Chicago Now

On my birthday, I got hired at a new part-time job downtown (an old birthday wish)! Though I won't be able to dilly dally as much during the weekends, I can at least get out the house more... even though its to be inside mostly. Its definitely a change of pace for me and I enjoy it so far.

I've met some talented and knowledgeable people and I am surrounded by gorgeousness. Also, I get to see all the Holiday decorations and festive lights after work!
Oh... have you seen the spectacular tree I posted on my ig from the Walnut Room the other day? Check it out! 

The downside.... Being in the Loop makes me want to shop! I'm already eyeing the makeup counters, and clothes shops! Oh no!!

If you can grab a table from the Walnut Room at Macy's, tell me what you enjoyed there! I heard it gets full with reservations!!  
Until next time loves!

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Monday, December 19, 2016

Holiday Nails

Nail Pic Collection

One of my favorite type of posts to read and also bring to you were collections of decoden inspiration!
I've been quite cheery this holiday season and loving the Christmas spirit so why not bring it here to my own blog?

Winter Wonderland Nail Post

Kawaii gyaru nail inspiration

Kawaii gyaru nail inspiration

Kawaii gyaru nail inspiration

Kawaii gyaru nail inspiration
Kawaii gyaru nail inspiration
Plethora of cute holiday nail designs from xosmix7 

Kawaii gyaru nail inspiration
Glamourous Gold nails from Nail Room Poche 

Kawaii gyaru nail inspiration
Luxurious winter set

Kawaii gyaru nail inspiration

Kawaii gyaru nail inspiration
Festive nail set from Rounge Nail Tokyo

Kawaii gyaru nail inspiration
Frosted snowflakes from Rounge Nail Tokyo

Kawaii gyaru nail inspiration

Hope you enjoyed this nail spam! 

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Night Fall Gallery Exhibit

Night Fall

The Night Is a Wonderful Place 

Night Fall Gallery

After a long week's work, I found myself at Rotofugi for a macabre-esque gallery opening. I felt at home surrounded by handcrafted moths atop skull halves, stylish soft felt bird skulls adorned with delicate glittering beads housed under glass jars and dark yet humorous sketches and sculptures of plump black crows. 

Night Fall Gallery
Andrew and Lana Posterior Fontanelle

This was the combined worlds of Andrew Bell (New York) and Lana Crook (Chicago), and I was engulfed inside it.

They chatted with me about their work process, enlightening me on how they arrived at their final creations.

Night Fall Gallery,
Andrew Bell The Fall 

I also met Dj. Sean Doe and Mini Marshmellow Man, Marshal too!

Night Fall Gallery, anime geeks

Lana's and Andrew's exhibit will continue until Dec. 31st.
Rotofugi Gallery is located at 2780 N. Lincoln Ave in Chicago, IL.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Pewdiepie Deleting his Channel?!

Currently trending on Facebook  at around 16thousand people chatting about it, is Famous Youtuber Pewdiepie. Felix, or Pewdiepie, wants to delete his channel...once he hits 50million subscribers due to Youtube and its current habit of deleting a Content Creator's subscribers. He is one of the top earners in Youtube land, and this is certainly shocking to his fans. 

Read more here

He also isn't the only other Youtuber who has noticed the change in subscribers as well, as Unrested has made a video as well about it.

With Youtube changing so much, is it even worth it using it? Or will it just end up being a platform to just upload videos to link and redirect to other places? Or will Youtube step up and fix their glitch?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Fall Items

Though November is gone, December is here, and Christmas decorations have been up since mid November, I wanted to share some of my favorite Fall items with you!

Lisha gyaru's fall wardrobe items

Other than my vegan leather jacket, this sturdy, military style jacket gave me the edge I love with my (rokku gyaru) style. Usually paired with jeans and short ankle booties, this went perfectly with my aesthetic.

Lisha gyaru's fall wardrobe items

Big shades that cover half my face has been a staple in my wardrobe. This pair is from Akira and are different than the other pairs I've worn. The gold nose piece adds a focal point to the shades and give them some glam.

Lisha gyaru's fall wardrobe items

My crocheted houndstooth bag was one of my go-tos for this past fall. I chose a bold monotone pattern that definately stands out even with the most basic of outfits!

What were some of your fall favorites? I'd love to see and showcase what they are!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Makeup Brush Care


Cleaning can be a chore, and even if it is, it is one thing that has to be done. Cleaning a few makeup brushes isn’t nearly as a daunting task than cleaning the whole apartment or a sink full of dishes after a delicious feast, but can be quickly overlooked with all that we do in life.

Keeping your brushes clean not only knocks out a tiny chore, but is very beneficial to yourself.  You banish bacteria ( and also skin cells, dirt, old product)down the drain that can has built up on the bristles that can clog your pores or break you out, or worse, can spread viruses that can cause pinkeye or Staph infections! Yikes!  When you keep your brushes clean, you won’t worry about mudding up eyeshadow colours or trouble with blending your makeup with cruddy bristles.

Here’s a run down on the basics:
  • Makeup Brush cleaner/mild soap
  • Water
  • Tools that need to be cleansed
  • Optional: music

Clean your brushes and sponges with warm soapy water. – Gently work mild soap and water into the bristles of your brushes and sponges. Depending on how often you wash your brushes can determine how many times you may have to rinse and repeat. Sponges tend to absorb a lot of product, thus you will have to make sure you are thoroughly washing and rinsing them! Kabuki styled brushes may have old cakey product stuck within the bristles as you clean them.

Dry- Dry your brushes and sponges on a clean towel after squeezing most of the water out of them.
Store- Store your tools once they are dried.

Annnnd, you’re done! Well, until next time its brush cleansing time!

Do you have a comment you’d like to share? Submit below!

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

PlayCHIC Fashion Show

Playchic fashion show was great and housed in the gorgeous Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier, with fashion designer Boris Powell and several others basing their designs off of well known and loved childhood games and toys, one being Twister!
Powell incorporated the playfulness of the game into the dress, having one actually being utilitarian, sliding off and becoming a Twister mat.

There were two other dresses that had playful designs as well, and incorporated the toys into the design.

Orbeez dress

Thank you for reading and have a great Thanksgiving holiday! 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Colour Trend

It feels more like Fall in Chicago, well, on some days... and I've been getting ready for it all: the crisp air, Halloween decorations, the beautiful colours of the leaves before they flutter down from outstretched branches.
I've also been thinking of colour schemes and cute jackets and sweaters for this season as well.
One of the main colours I wanted to showcase in some of my outfits is a burgandy, or a wine colour. It fits within mature styles while giving you a pop of colour.
Here are a few items that work as a quick go to template that would look great in this month's colour, fit for fall.


Bold enough to keep on trend, yet you can always remove it for your stylish outfit underneath.


What says fall better than a soft and cozy sweater? Nothing...thats what! Pair it with heeled or flat booties and dark pants or jeans!


A pair of deep red boots or heels looks gorgeous rustling through piles of autumn leaves. With a matching coloured purse or hat, this can keep an outfit on point and cohesive!

Maybe its time to knit a wine coloured sweater....hrm... 

What's your favourite burgandy/wine coloured item for the fall?  

Monday, November 7, 2016

My First Tattoo

For some time, Pandy had prepped me for the ink work that I wanted done and what to expect. She even assisted me with locations of shops I could go to and the artists she liked and also went to.

Lisha getting her tattoo.
Sandra  and I waiting for the station to get set up

Her and I made our way to Metamorph Studios on the northside of town, inching through traffic. She made sure I wasn't hungry at all, and coached me one final time before we stepped foot inside.
In no time at all after entering the shop, I was sending over my idea to my first tattoo artist, Julian. And moments after that? I was trying to hold my excitement to fill in paperwork.

Lisha getting her tattoo.
Julian working on my arm

Soon enough, the letters became etched into my skin. It didn't hurt as much as I thought, and the finger tattoos ached in a few spots. Julian made the experience enjoyable, cracking jokes and even pulling a face for a picture.

Lisha getting her tattoo.
Serious pictures only, of course!


Thank you so much Pandy and Julian for my first tattoo session!
Lisha getting her tattoo.

Lisha getting her tattoo.

Notes to keep in mind
・Find a reputable shop and avoid dinky little places. Infections and crappy art isn't worth it, and you get what you pay for.
・ This day and perhaps the day before as well is NOT the time to fast or forego meals. Getting a tattoo on an empty stomach can make the pain feel worse.
・ Make sure all spelling and line work is correct. No regerts on the work you want done!
・ Keep your tattoo clean and moisturized.

Share your favorite tattoo that you have or would like to get! I'd like to see! 

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Toxic Gal Comm

Since this little bug has been in my ear for a while, I guess I'll post about it. I've heard people critiquing the gal comms as 'its toxic' blablabla. Ok. So?
First and foremost...
The world and its many subdivisions can and can be toxic. Gamer and tech worlds. Beauty worlds. Queer ones. Straight ones. Heteronormative ones. Poc ones. And that list goes on and on, ad nauseum. People can be mean. People can be assholes.
A fashion subculture or something 'different' isn't exempt and the people who participate in forums where people create rumours to best the competition and spread those rumors are toxic. 

But, if the phrase was reworded to atleast seem like a complete idea, then maybe I'd have more to say.
True it has given me a ton of headaches, but I got to meet people with inspiring talents and style and chatted with people all over the world which made me happy. I got to make events and meet people and give advice to aspiring gals or people who just liked the type of makeup I did.
More on this later...maybe.
Coments? Please share! 

Thursday, October 27, 2016

West vs East: Makeup Techniques


With new steps added into a full face of makeup, the Western makeup trend is way sculpted than ever before. This ''instagram baddie'' look derived from the way drag queens applied their makeup has made way in the makeup world on and off Instagram for the past few years. People contour their foreheads, noses, cheeks, and chins; defining their faces and features with layers of makeup.

makeup trend, contouring , Anastasia beverly hills

On the other hand, gyaru makeup and make up trends from the East rarely contour as much. If its done at all, its fairly light for most girly styles. The only styles that broke this rule were Manba, banba and Kuro gal, and at times, goth and vkei styles. 

Heirofglee's contour

With gyaru makeup, onee gyaru for instance, many focus on a gentle nose contour and a slight sweep of it on the cheeks and maybe forehead. This is done fairly light compared to the trend in Western contour make up trends.

gyaru magazine contouring

eastern, gyaru contouring
mydarlingrainbow's contouring
Which do you prefer for your own makeup? Bold contouring, or more subtle?
Comments are greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Gal Weekend pt2

This warm weekend was another fashionable meetup for Chicago's gyaru-sa, Champagne Pop.
After work, I got ready on the bus, trying to do as much of my makeup as I could, invoking so many nostalgic feelings of ye olde gyaru times. 

Lisha's Banba, kurogyaru outfit

I went for a more banba-esque look with a dress that had a trippy, kaleidoscope print on it and light beige heels from Akira. 

Chicago gyaru circle

Champagne Pop made their entrance at Three Dots and a Dash, sauntering through the packed, tropical themed bar, finding me sitting near the dj, sipping a drink out of a cute coconut cup. 

Lisha's Banba, kurogyaru makeup

We danced and chatted to the latest songs with island themes, waiting for our table reservation to enjoy ourselves a bit more with a group drink named The Zombie

Beverage at Three dots and a dash

Beverage at Three dots and a dash, gyaru meetup
Group photo 

Afterwards, we para'd nearby the establishment, blasting Night of Fire. Surprisingly, we gained interest from people who were entranced by our precision and skill despite us not having practiced in a while!

On Sunday it was moreso a chill day as we had stayed up late the night before. 
I got to do Sio's nails too. 

Rokku goth gyaru Sio
Nail set! 

Rokku, ane, banba Lisha
Coordinate for Yeowoosai 

Gyaru meet at Yeowoosai
Kimchi Nachos! 

Gaijin gyaru, pandy and lisha
Pandy and I 

Gaijin gyaru Sio and Eteria
Eteria and Sio

We wrapped up the weekend on Sunday night filled up on Korean drinks and kimchi nachos and zooming through the sleepy windy city.