Monday, August 17, 2015

Video Analysis - M3LL155x

I was very excited to watch Twigs latest video, M3LL155x . The videography is awe inspiring and takes full advantage of what can be done in music videos.

Seeing a humanified Anglerfish in there was awesome.

Dress me up, I'm your doll.
Love me rough, I'm your doll.

In my perspective, after the beginning song gives me an impression of a Twigs who is sexy especially in the eyes of a (white) male, making her 'exotic' and inhuman like a cheaply made, mass produced blow up doll; only to be consumed, used up, left and forgotten.

In dating, being in the gyaru community, being a female, I can definately see how men can reduce human female bodied persons to an inanimate object to be used only for sexual purposes.

You've got a goddamn nerve.

Twigs wakes up, pregnant with a child after having been used up. Before giving birth, her water breaks, paint spilling out, and a (Black) man looking disgusted with her.

In this part of the video, a person more of her ethnicity seems to cast her out due to her being impregnanted by a white male.

Now hold that pose for me.

Twigs gives birth to her own 'minions' ,one still with childlike curiosity and another that appears to be her alternate self, bound to herself in Creepy Yeha's fashionably erotic bondage pieces.

With my own experiences, I see it as a story of destructive lust in an interracial coupling,  and fighting through the pain it can cause when you dehumanize a woman who can bare children and reduce her to those functions.
The white man who uses her is no where to be seen in the later half of the video at all, something that people who have grown up without a father have experience with.

What's your thoughts on her new video?

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