Sunday, July 19, 2015


Went to the beach with the babies, Mora-baddd, ___Niquey, Vega,Gucci and one of their friends. 🌺

It was wayyyyyy too hot to be at the beach unless you were going to chill in the water... literally! 😜👓🔥

Too bad summer is almost over! I only stayed in Chicago since my last trip to work with Golds Infinity, Rei, Nino, Michi and other fashionable gals in the comm last summer. It was pretty exciting being able to dress how I wanted to work with people and businesses that know about the fashion etc.

I feel bad for missing it this year, 😩(even as an attendee)  and not being able to go back to atleast chill and derp around LA. I also have to cross off attending Sepiamemory's Blogger D-tan's para panel as well.....

Maybe I'll visit again during the fall? 🍁🍂🍃

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