Friday, June 12, 2015

Nature Sanctuary

Long time no see readers!

Spent the night with Jade, Jojo and James
Been busy and away from the wifi for some time. I just have been updating things mostly from my phone so I can only do so much on a mobile device!
Tried to make a broom at the Nature Sanctuary... It didn't turn out so well...
I visit the beach and Nature Sanctuary quite often on the South Side of Chicago. I was able to mimic and summon black birds and seagulls over there, and make them hover in the air too! It freaks people out or they don't know why I am so loud, but I don't care!

Saw the sunrise in my own city! yippu!

 I was also able to see 2 male ducks and a female duck, and a some moments later, I was able to see a mother duck with her ducklings. They were so cute and the ducklings were small enough to walk on the lily pads there!
Fishing for a piece of dried leaf

Drew an eye in the dirt with a shovel. Its very... crude compared to my pen and ink drawings.

I also brought over sticks, branches, and dry leaves for one of the fire pits there so I could create a campfire and also let the smoke from the fire keep some of the mosquitos away from me. The fire does make the birds seem a lil anxious, but since it is contained, they don’t need to worry too much!

Handmade Clock/compass
The top part faces towards downtown. The right side faces the lake.

I was able to create graphite from the burnt branches too! I used that to mark on the circular stone structures where I saw the sun rise or the moment where the sun was in the sky!

I did chill with a few nice people who walked past my campfire spot, and tried to be friendly to some who actually threw rocks at me when I saw them at the beach WHILE other adults were nearby. I guess not everyone who is your colour or race/ethnicity or even younger than you will be friendly to you or respect you. :/

Caught some of it! Yippu!
I hope to bring some of my old gyaru-sa members over there one day. The Nature Sanctuary is a bit far for a lot of them since they live further up north than where it is located. I don’t want the neighborhood to deter them away from a beautiful place in South Shore!!

Until next time you all! 

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