Friday, June 12, 2015

Nature Sanctuary

Long time no see readers!

Spent the night with Jade, Jojo and James
Been busy and away from the wifi for some time. I just have been updating things mostly from my phone so I can only do so much on a mobile device!
Tried to make a broom at the Nature Sanctuary... It didn't turn out so well...
I visit the beach and Nature Sanctuary quite often on the South Side of Chicago. I was able to mimic and summon black birds and seagulls over there, and make them hover in the air too! It freaks people out or they don't know why I am so loud, but I don't care!

Saw the sunrise in my own city! yippu!

 I was also able to see 2 male ducks and a female duck, and a some moments later, I was able to see a mother duck with her ducklings. They were so cute and the ducklings were small enough to walk on the lily pads there!
Fishing for a piece of dried leaf

Drew an eye in the dirt with a shovel. Its very... crude compared to my pen and ink drawings.

I also brought over sticks, branches, and dry leaves for one of the fire pits there so I could create a campfire and also let the smoke from the fire keep some of the mosquitos away from me. The fire does make the birds seem a lil anxious, but since it is contained, they don’t need to worry too much!

Handmade Clock/compass
The top part faces towards downtown. The right side faces the lake.

I was able to create graphite from the burnt branches too! I used that to mark on the circular stone structures where I saw the sun rise or the moment where the sun was in the sky!

I did chill with a few nice people who walked past my campfire spot, and tried to be friendly to some who actually threw rocks at me when I saw them at the beach WHILE other adults were nearby. I guess not everyone who is your colour or race/ethnicity or even younger than you will be friendly to you or respect you. :/

Caught some of it! Yippu!
I hope to bring some of my old gyaru-sa members over there one day. The Nature Sanctuary is a bit far for a lot of them since they live further up north than where it is located. I don’t want the neighborhood to deter them away from a beautiful place in South Shore!!

Until next time you all! 

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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Weddin' Season

Though I am still single for about 1 year and 7months now, the anxiety that comes with just thinking about marriage still pops up in my head:

Will I get married? Will I find someone who will actually be there for me? Will we be a good team together? Will they accept me for who I am? Will I accept them? Will they honestly like me for me?

Its not like I have been in a relationship for years or even ACTUALLY engaged to even have it be a big deal for me to freak out about it... but still!

Working at Joann Fabrics and Crafts and having to stock and price tulle, table decorations, sashes, and signage for people into diy wedding crafts and bachelorette parties.

Seeing an advertisement when I was working for Joanns about Joann Fabrics and Crafts about diying gifts and crafts for weddings.

I go to a karaoke bar about two months ago, and there are bridesmaids singing "Gangster's Paradise".

I windowshop in various places for deals and just passing time to turn around and see slightly tacky white blinged out things like "wifey" and "bride".

This past weekend while waiting in line to get into SoundBar, a group of bros (one was pretty cute though, ahahaha) was talking about one of the guys in the group being engaged and his last night of being a non married man. a group of ladies wearing fake leis following a bride to be with a not so matching white veil on her head... and two white guys calling themselves honkies and talking about "honky grits"... ok... that last bit was just a random part of a convo from waiting in line with them.

For me to be nearing my 30s (yikes!), time passing me by, and almost barely touching my goals if at all, I still get flustered by the fleeting thoughts and reminders in normal life that people do still get married to each other, and... that I may get hitched to someone in this lifetime. 

Maybe it won't be all that bad when it does happen, and I'll just have freak out moments with planning stuff out... I guess.

Enjoy this hilarious "horror" video about wedding season from Buzzfeed~!!