Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Its funny... 
thinkin on it, 
how as a young adult, 
i made my way out to Oak Park to meet with people from the internet, that...
only one girl came to CT to meet with me.


it took a long time for people to come out to see me... 

 i live further south than they did at the time. frown emoticon 

or being stood up when id invite people to art shows and stuff. 

like, people came in groups to see me in the hood (well, not too far south, of course. dont want chilrens gettin scared! lol) 

like, you cant come by yourself? lolololol.

i guess, that should have told me right then and there that i should have stopped talking to a certain person after being stood up so much!

the girl that came to CT with me
the one who didnt leave me hanging
alone on the train platform with my blue hair
made me really happy to be outside.

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