Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Acen 2015

Wowzers! Another Acen  has passed by!
Machii, Neesie, Tomo, Jade and I at my Gyaru Panel
I had my panel about gyaru fashion on Friday! I let people check out what was in my bag, answered questions about hair, make up and accessories, and had some guest speakers as well! It was a chill atmosphere, and I was glad people were able to come through.

Though I wish I danced the night away at Soap Bubble, I danced, shimmied, and bebopped along throughout the Dealer Hall's floor. 

I bought two books this year... A Kiki's Delivery service art book, and a Tabekoji one. heh heh heh. Um... it was totally because of the detail in the make up and hair! I promise!

 I didnt splurge a lot, but it was very tempting to do so! Too many cute kimono, art books, collectors figures, Legend of Zelda paraphernalia (who wouldn't want the classic and iconic Hyrulian shield or an ocarina?) and animal ears caught my eye this year.
From the MisoLucki shoppe
I had trouble picking out something from the MisoLucki shoppe. They had some super cool shirts and I was too tempted to get the shirt with Bruce Lee on it!!!
I thought buying something small would suffice... but there were too many cute and sassy pins and earrings. I asked a group to help me choose a pin with words while I settled on a decision that dealt with food. (^w^)

I even got cute hair ties and a super cute bag from Machii. Thank you!

Julie from my high school! Hadn't seen her in 5 years!!
I met up with a lot of people that I hadn't seen in a while! From Alan and Dino (the two I met at a parapara panel years ago) to classmates from highschool and gals who were apart of the Chicago Diamond gyarusa, Black*Cherry/Gal*Luxy. We were all running around so it was hard to all come together and stay put this year, but even a quick hello brought joy to my heart.

Pic cred from Neesie!

Me and my sis as BlackWidow!

So cool!

Suiting up
 I tried on two kimono and Samurai armour too! I didn't get a lot of selfie's this year, but that's ok!

You can check out more pictures I posted on my post for SugarGamers here.


  1. I'm glad you liked the stuff n__n
    I had fun at your panel too!! (Even though I look like a troll in that picture hahaha)

    I can't wait for Anime Midwest! <3

    1. ^-^
      Its ok, I always derp in other peoples pix LOLOL
      ANd yea, I am excited for it! I hope i can have loads of fun!


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