Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Alice: Madness Returns

A few months ago, I started, played through and finished Alice Madness Returns, totally skipping the first part of the story that came out on pc years ago. American McGee’s Alice was on my list of horror fantasy games to play for many years before I got into playing titles like Fatal Frame, Silent Hill or Resident Evil, but console gaming proved easier for me.
Alice Madness Returns follows the story of a dark haired Alice in a world that makes Tim Burton’s universes very Disney like. She is on a journey to saving herself in a dreary and depressing normal life and saving her own world, Wonderland from destructive outer forces and demonic looking foes with the help of a very sinister looking wide grinned Cat and unusual items for weapons. This mangy cat gives you very interesting advice, not only for in game usage, but interesting quotes to think on in general. Curiouser and curiouser!
Her story gets darker throughout gameplay, shifting from general strangeness to the downright absurd and disturbing as you uncover parts of characters’ backgrounds and Alice’s story about the fire. Playing this game gave me a lot of “WTF” moments as my original memory of Alice in Wonderland as a fun and delightfully weird children’s tale was turned inside out with no effs given. There was still some of the charm within the game, but with the downright evilness of some of the characters and the helplessness of some of the others and very sickening depictions of olden day mental asylums, this game breathed a different kind of life into a tale a lot of us have known.
I loved the Chesire cat’s and Alice’s updated character design from the first game, and also the graphics for the gameplay. I also admired the weapon designs to help it fit in this dark/dystopian/disturbing Wonderland. The game boards or places that she visited were done in a very creative manner to fit within this dark wonderland and I loved exploring them and seeing what each level had to offer in terms of surprises.
I had to get used to the gameplay and not losing important battles, but I caught on quickly, and didn’t experience too many problems like with the game that came before with movement and quickness of responsiveness. (gameplay issues) The gameplay had progressed with this second installment and did not distract from the story line, nor did it make me overly frustrated which is a plus.
Being into fashion and special abilities when it comes to games and replay value of a game, this game came through with different styled outfits for Alice to wear. The tentacle like dress and the Chesire styled ones were my favorites! I would totally replay this game and unlock more of the story line and hidden content.

Have you had a chance to play Alice Madness Returns? What did you think about it? Don’t be shy! Share your experience with us!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mortal Kombat: Time Travel

As a person who has played Mortal Kombat as a youngster, it made me quite pleased to know that the new Mortal Kombat was made in Chicago. To some people, this may not be an important bit of information.  To those who know where the game and game kompany originated from, this is a big deal!
1536136-sonya_blade_largeThe first outfit I wanted to highlight is Sonya Blade’s halter top and leggings kombo. Her outfit is fitted to show off her muscles and strength, but very late 80’s early 90’s inspired. Her slightly loose high ponytail, and bangs is a very 90’s athletic look for her, but not very fashionable or kute.
Moving on to Kitana’s outfit… I would break down all of the princess’ fighting kostumes, but that would be far too redundant since they wore the same exact thing in the early Mortal Kombat games! Limited game memory for kharacters and all of that for the arcade and Super Nintendo. Old gen konsole problems.
The princess’  wore what looks like halter top styled swimsuits with knee high flat soled boots. No heels were worn in these earlier games, so foot gear was very practical for female fighters in the Mortal Kombat universe. Their fighting gear was sexy in a sense, but very subdued kompared to the feminine outfits of the more kurrent games that have been released.
Illustration by Jhonatas Batalha

Queen Sindel, one of the most recognized kharacters in the series is not exempt from this fashion post! Her outfit is more revealing than the other kharacters, and doesn’t have the halter top to secure the outfit at her shoulders/neck like the other ladies. She also wears longer boots that kover up most of her kalf than stopping at the knee.  Out of the female kharacters, her outfit is more “sexy” and too cheesy while not going overboard like in some fighting games.
With these visuals from the old MK games, how do you feel about the fashion direction of these klassic kickass female kharacters? Share your thoughts in the komment section below! We would love to hear from you!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Acen 2015

Wowzers! Another Acen  has passed by!
Machii, Neesie, Tomo, Jade and I at my Gyaru Panel
I had my panel about gyaru fashion on Friday! I let people check out what was in my bag, answered questions about hair, make up and accessories, and had some guest speakers as well! It was a chill atmosphere, and I was glad people were able to come through.

Though I wish I danced the night away at Soap Bubble, I danced, shimmied, and bebopped along throughout the Dealer Hall's floor. 

I bought two books this year... A Kiki's Delivery service art book, and a Tabekoji one. heh heh heh. Um... it was totally because of the detail in the make up and hair! I promise!

 I didnt splurge a lot, but it was very tempting to do so! Too many cute kimono, art books, collectors figures, Legend of Zelda paraphernalia (who wouldn't want the classic and iconic Hyrulian shield or an ocarina?) and animal ears caught my eye this year.
From the MisoLucki shoppe
I had trouble picking out something from the MisoLucki shoppe. They had some super cool shirts and I was too tempted to get the shirt with Bruce Lee on it!!!
I thought buying something small would suffice... but there were too many cute and sassy pins and earrings. I asked a group to help me choose a pin with words while I settled on a decision that dealt with food. (^w^)

I even got cute hair ties and a super cute bag from Machii. Thank you!

Julie from my high school! Hadn't seen her in 5 years!!
I met up with a lot of people that I hadn't seen in a while! From Alan and Dino (the two I met at a parapara panel years ago) to classmates from highschool and gals who were apart of the Chicago Diamond gyarusa, Black*Cherry/Gal*Luxy. We were all running around so it was hard to all come together and stay put this year, but even a quick hello brought joy to my heart.

Pic cred from Neesie!

Me and my sis as BlackWidow!

So cool!

Suiting up
 I tried on two kimono and Samurai armour too! I didn't get a lot of selfie's this year, but that's ok!

You can check out more pictures I posted on my post for SugarGamers here.

Anime Central: 2015

My Little Pony
This Acen was filled with lots of familiarity; meeting and catching up with old friends  from school or the gyaru and cosplay community and of course some from SugarGamers, taking pictures, checking out tons of spectacular goodies in the Dealers Hall, and staying up super late. However, some things were different this year, including your Galtaku* , Lisha, having her own panel about gyaru fashion and totally missing the rave.KIMG0502
Vincent and Sorceress Edea
Alice (knight outfit) from Madness Returns “How’d you get so tall, Alice?”

At my panel, I took a lighthearted approach with describing the fashion and answering questions, even playing some Eurobeat music that had a parapara dance tied to it. I showed some of my essential items in my handmade denim purse, letting the audience see what make-up items I used for my look, the cards I used for getting discounts at stores, and what brand of lashes I favored.
Cool style, Cool Tattoo
What a deer! Her dress and flower headdress was so cute!
I encouraged the audience to get up and look at the items I brought. I even had some of the local gals come up to answer questions that the audience had. I was glad I had a diverse audience to speak to and despite not having video for my panel, it worked out!
My Little Pony

Though I did not get “turnt up” for the rave, I chatted with Monica, Kat, and Keisha, looked at gorgeous accessories and clothes from steampunk and traditional Japanese fashion, and even got suited up in Samurai armor! I was very tempted to buy a sword or a stylish kimono, but there were far too many beautiful designs to choose from!
Samurai Gyaru! I don’t need a sword… I can use my nails!

Some of you might be wondering what the heck a “galtaku” is. It is a word that combines gyaru  (gyaru fashion or make up) and otaku (Japanese word for nerd).
Ginyu Force
Though Acen is geared towards cosplay and Japanese oriented comics and animation, there were so many lolitas in varying styles and themes there! I had to oogle Akira’s line of vkei/gothic lolita clothes and accessories. Also… there were some Deadpool’s , even one in a pirate outfit, some Mr. Fawkes’, and friendly fuzzy furries strolling about. Not too many gyaru this year though!
Chihiro and Kiki

Did you go to Acen this year? What panels did you attend or what did you buy for your gaming or fashion collection? Don’t be shy! Share!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Its funny... 
thinkin on it, 
how as a young adult, 
i made my way out to Oak Park to meet with people from the internet, that...
only one girl came to CT to meet with me.


it took a long time for people to come out to see me... 

 i live further south than they did at the time. frown emoticon 

or being stood up when id invite people to art shows and stuff. 

like, people came in groups to see me in the hood (well, not too far south, of course. dont want chilrens gettin scared! lol) 

like, you cant come by yourself? lolololol.

i guess, that should have told me right then and there that i should have stopped talking to a certain person after being stood up so much!

the girl that came to CT with me
the one who didnt leave me hanging
alone on the train platform with my blue hair
made me really happy to be outside.