Friday, April 17, 2015

Police Brutality In the World

So, of course being, DUH, black, it is expected of me to speak on issues of things regardin the black folk in America.

(Mike Brown, Trevon Martin, etc and so on)

Because I am a black person. An African American. A person of Negroid features and blood. A person with African Heritage. A person with possibly a few drops of Native American blood in me as well... perhaps. A person who is in their 20s. Someone raised from the SouthSide. Spent time in the "Wild 100's"....amongst some other things.

So of course, I gotta speak my mind on young men being shot point blank, chased by white skint people... right?

Shot in the back, with their heads turned from someone. A police officer, right?
Or those killed who have a fake weapon on them.

But....I am just a college graduate. A college graduate from a private school that can't even drop 4grand to start paying back to get my diploma to show I went to a school and completed it.

I am just a part time worker, getting minimum wage (in Chicago, it is still pretty much set at $8.25 an hour. Keep in mind, its about two dollars higher than what I was making as a teenager in High School.)

So, as a black person, from the hood, if you will, police brutality should not be rewarded with cash or a "time off from work" and a tap on the wrist. You are not Stryker or Sonya from Mortal Kombat, so sit yo belligerent ass down. You do not get a "Heroic Brutality." You do not get a "flawless victory" or an achievement. Sorry not sorry.


  1. "So of course, I gotta speak my mind on young men being shot point blank, chased by white skint people... right?"

    What about the police brutality and rape against black women? Why is it that every time African-Americans speak up about injustice you focus on the men that make it clear that they don't care about you and have a preference for the opposite of you (whites, latinas, asians)? You don't feel bad for the sisters who have been victims of police aggression? I'm not trying to be rude but this is something I've noticed among AA people. I am originally from outside the U.S. and have noticed this so many times.

    1. Well, the one thing that keeps popping on my feeds when I look on the news or on fb is the violence against BLACK MEN.

      So of course, I will speak my mind about the thing that people are focusing on currently.

      Don't think for a moment that I will avert my eyes, my mind, on the crimes on Black Women or Black (or people of colour) Female Bodied persons either.

      Just because I have yet to get around to the trans people too who are killed by their lovers for "tricking" them into relationships, doesn't mean that I don't care about. them.

      Be patient, sweetheart. ;)

    2. Adding to my own points, when it comes to speaking your mind about things on this matter, you are almost required to have to speak about every little injustice, from your chair to around the world, under the sea, in space, and every little section of society there is. Chaining you, pigeon holing you, typecasting you into one thing when people see you or meet you.

      Typical of humans.


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