Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Living In Colour

So, even though it has been only like a few days after I moved, I feel really good. I can save a bit more, and start whittling down some payments for student loans (oh joy... I am just so excited...)

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Student loans can kiss my ass

The days seem brighter and more vivid, and I have been getting in more moments of meditation and getting my head straight to really take on the rest of this year. I feel good and hopeful, more creative and productive, and even feel like creating new looks when I go shopping eventually.

Lisha instagram photo
Karaoke with the girlz

Every now and then, I go to a bar or a karaoke bar and relax a little bit. Singing helps more than having a quick drink because well... I tend to keep wandering back to thinking about something work related. >____>; How lame!

I feel a little bad that I had to put away a lot of my my gyaru and kawaii things up for a while due to my move. I know somethings I will definitely go back to or pull out for an event or a convention, but I guess this means I really have to focus on planning and working. ahaha. I will try my best to still look not busted or janky when I pick up another job.

Some weeks ago, The Artsy Maid Cafe had a super cute meet up at my favorite cafe downtown!
Artsy Maid Cafe at Argo Tea
We super Kawaii

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