Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Final Fantasy Jerk Offs: Yuna

The sweet looking, David Bowie eyed, high summoner of Final Fantasy 10 is second on the SG list of Final Fantasy Jerk offs!
Though some people may view Yuna as the hardworking daughter of Lord Braska, sacrificing her young life in order to save the people in the land of Spira, I found some evidence to dispute her total innocence.
Yuna scheming to lure Tidus in.

After Yuna summons Valefor, and is sitting with two elderly people and a child at night time, Yuna seeks Tidus’ thoughts on if she can become a High summoner or not. When he says yes, her tone of voice changes slightly when she “asks” if they are going to ride on the same boat when they depart so they have a chance to talk about Zanarkand.ffjerk2
While some people might think that she is flirting with Tidus, remember that her main goal is to collect the Aeons and have guardians protect her in her journey. Not necessarily have a hot and steamy relationship with the star player of the Zanarkand Abes.
Another instance, is when you have to fight against the strong Kimahri when you leave the temple in Besaid. After a few hits in, Wakka calls a stop to the fight, and Kimahri walks off. Yuna tells Tidus after the quick fight is over, that the Ronso warrior was her guardian when she was a child. She also goes on says that even she can’t understand him after all the time spent together.
“Aye! Yuna, get yo boy Kimahri!”
So, a new comer comes to join your party because he has nowhere to really go, wants to help the Besaid Aurochs from failing another Blitzball game, and you let (or don’t stop) a giant blue cat man from attacking him? Sounds pretty fishy to me Ms. Yuna!

Do you agree with Yuna making the list for Final Fantasy Jerk Offs? I would love to read your responses!

Monday, April 27, 2015

New! Dating Vlog

Enjoy the derpiness and share your dating stories!

New items up on Society6

Friday, April 17, 2015

Police Brutality In the World

So, of course being, DUH, black, it is expected of me to speak on issues of things regardin the black folk in America.

(Mike Brown, Trevon Martin, etc and so on)

Because I am a black person. An African American. A person of Negroid features and blood. A person with African Heritage. A person with possibly a few drops of Native American blood in me as well... perhaps. A person who is in their 20s. Someone raised from the SouthSide. Spent time in the "Wild 100's"....amongst some other things.

So of course, I gotta speak my mind on young men being shot point blank, chased by white skint people... right?

Shot in the back, with their heads turned from someone. A police officer, right?
Or those killed who have a fake weapon on them.

But....I am just a college graduate. A college graduate from a private school that can't even drop 4grand to start paying back to get my diploma to show I went to a school and completed it.

I am just a part time worker, getting minimum wage (in Chicago, it is still pretty much set at $8.25 an hour. Keep in mind, its about two dollars higher than what I was making as a teenager in High School.)

So, as a black person, from the hood, if you will, police brutality should not be rewarded with cash or a "time off from work" and a tap on the wrist. You are not Stryker or Sonya from Mortal Kombat, so sit yo belligerent ass down. You do not get a "Heroic Brutality." You do not get a "flawless victory" or an achievement. Sorry not sorry.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Anime Time: Paranoia Agent

On the prowl for something new to consume, I went to Columbia College Chicago and got a suggestion from Nikkei to Watch Paranoia Agent by Satochi Kon, creator of Paprika and Tokyo Godfathers. Having watched a few of Satoshi’s previous works, and being interested in series that have psychological elements to them, I knew that I would not be disappointed with the art style and obscurity of the storyline.
Tsukiko Sagi
When you gain so much success for a character, what do you do when you are under pressure to produce more?
The series does start off a bit slow and gains momentum after the first few episodes. Speeding up the first few episodes would have kept my attention a bit more. I was drawn to the various differences of the characters mindsets and psychological states (such as multiple personality disorder) that have drawn Lil slugger to them to ease their pains.  Even though the series is about the characters that have been targeted by Lil Slugger, I feel that there could have been a little bit more story for the characters who were around the victims of Lil Slugger and how they dealt with the attacks to the person they were close to. I also felt that the episode with the little girl, older man, and man around his twenties was a bit of a distraction to the storyline and personally didn’t add much to the plot.
Paranoia Agent
After watching Paranoia Agent, I made my way back to Columbia to discuss our opinions on the series. Upon talking with Nikkei’s friend Ken, I was told that each episode referenced Satoshi’s earlier works. Not only do I have to go back and rewatch the series, I also have to catch up and rewatch Satoshi’s previous body of works to get the imbedded references that are scattered throughout the episodes of Paranoia Agent that I missed the first time around.
Have you watched Paranoia Agent before? What did you think about the characters or storyline?
Share your thoughts below!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Living In Colour

So, even though it has been only like a few days after I moved, I feel really good. I can save a bit more, and start whittling down some payments for student loans (oh joy... I am just so excited...)

Lisha instagram photo
Student loans can kiss my ass

The days seem brighter and more vivid, and I have been getting in more moments of meditation and getting my head straight to really take on the rest of this year. I feel good and hopeful, more creative and productive, and even feel like creating new looks when I go shopping eventually.

Lisha instagram photo
Karaoke with the girlz

Every now and then, I go to a bar or a karaoke bar and relax a little bit. Singing helps more than having a quick drink because well... I tend to keep wandering back to thinking about something work related. >____>; How lame!

I feel a little bad that I had to put away a lot of my my gyaru and kawaii things up for a while due to my move. I know somethings I will definitely go back to or pull out for an event or a convention, but I guess this means I really have to focus on planning and working. ahaha. I will try my best to still look not busted or janky when I pick up another job.

Some weeks ago, The Artsy Maid Cafe had a super cute meet up at my favorite cafe downtown!
Artsy Maid Cafe at Argo Tea
We super Kawaii