Monday, March 9, 2015

Northwestern IL Trip! : EEG Study

EEG: Electroencephalography
A recording of the electrical currents from the scalp.

I went down to Evanston to Northwestern University to participate in a study about brain waves with an EEG! The trek there was long, but the campus? BEAUTIFUL! So many trees. I bet its pretty lovely during the summer time!


I made my way up to the room for testing. It was a bit of a mistake coming in with foundation on seeing as most of it got wiped off for the wires to be stuck to my face! I imagined that this is what a car or robot must feel like with getting the wires attached. 

Getting the hook up with Laura! ahahha
Laura and Larry helped fit me with a cap, gel and also wires to get my brain waves measured as I read 500 sentences during several hours. Yes.... 500 sentences. I kept dozing off and had to get wakened up a few times during the study.

Here is a pic of my waves as I read sentences and marked which ones were correct or incorrect.

Even got blankets and tea! True VIP status right here! ahahahah!

Almost at the finish line! Geez!

Scientific Study Selfie!
I have to wait about a week or two for the results though.

Until next time!

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