Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hi Hi!

Man, convention season is right around the corner! I have a few ideas for cosplays, but it totally depends on if I can even get the materials for them or not. =________=);

My roommate is fixing up his friends cosplays, and I'm just sitting back like (oh... okies.... I guess I'll just imagine a cosplay out of thin air or something...)

But, I may do a more kosher cosplay of a Mortal Kombat Character though. There are quite a few I have wanted to cosplay as for a looooooooooooooooooong time.... and being a perfectionist..... welp.... doesn't help so much!

But, I did cosplay as Vespa from Sailor Moon way back when when I was in College though for a little project. I hope I didn't upset the girl who was making it though because I wanted her project to turn out super well! .... oh wells.

But, I hope that the next time I will be ready to take on the character again!

This is one of the MK characters I wanted to cosplay as!

Its a bit of an... ahem... revealing outfit, but there are always ways around that! ^w^;
I am thinking up something for sure.... Because I really want to get into that cosplay groove every once in a while. 

Other than that....

I treated myself to a delicious salad and pink guava coconut water! Yippu! It (the salad....duh) was green and lively!! With some fruit and almonds. My teacher wanted me to be a vegan/vegetarian about a year or so, but I will have to slowly find alternative ways of getting my fave snacks in too! I do love my ice cream and what not from time to time!! Maybe the core of my diet will be veggies and just lil extras of meat or fish from time to time. 

Does anyone else have a prob with keeping up with meal making and not wasting fresh veggies due to working etc? (>____<);;;;;

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  1. good luck on your cosplay! speaking of which i should get started with mine as well x)


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