Sunday, March 15, 2015

Bye Upper West Side

Yup... Two years has flown by and due to various reasons, I'm headed back to the South Side.
It sucks because I kinda like my neighborhood, but hopefully it will be a good thing. I will be able to sort things out, help my fam, and maybe even volunteer at my high school since I will be closer there. I want to do a little something different in my old neighborhood while I am back there again.

When I move back out again... I don't quite know where I want to move to. I think I'd stay in the city still.

Though the transportation in Chicago is better than some, it still eats up quite a bit of time especially heading to and from the north and south sides.
Oh wells. Maybe I should have learned how to drive a bit sooner due to the distance I will be traveling in my city! In due time......... right?

Debating on taking up another semester or so of school... But unless its online or night classes, I may not be able to.

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