Monday, February 9, 2015

The Weekend

Lishas outfit

On Saturday, I had some Thai foodz. I had some snails with a delicious, creamy , spicy Thai sauce, a Fire Dragon roll, and some nigiri at Butterfly. And of courrrrssseeee, an avocado smoothie!! They couldn't make it with any bananas, but it was so good!

smoothie from Butterfly

Butterfly Thai Restaurant

I tried snails (aka escargot)!! They were good, spicy, and squishy.
 The atmosphere was amazing at Butterfly. I never been at a restaurant that played trance music!! Pleasant surprise! ^o^ Plus.... the nigiri was too big to fit all in my mouth at once!! >A<;

Got in a lil bit of foot work on this dance machine at Dave and Busters! Whew.... 
And also played a bit of pool. I know you are supposed to use angles and all that... but I wanted to try just hitting the balls head on this time! I got a few in, and lost the game with 3 balls on the table. Next time, I will do better. Just need more practice....

So, I decided to watch a little bit of t.v. yesterday. I don't watch it very often because
 1.I just mostly stick to whatever is on the Youtube.
 2. I'm working or making something.

Listened to a bit of the Bulls game, then decided to break away from note writing and watched some of the Grammy's. I liked Sia's performance with the dancers. Very touching. Much emotion. <3

Kanye almost pulled a Kanye lol. The guy from Beck looked a lil confused lol.

Kanye and Beck

I also watched a buncha different stuff too. Even an episode of the Walking Dead. I'm not a big zombie fan like some people I know... and the episode was pretty sad! Like, dayum! Too intense for me!
Not sure how my friends watch that series a lot though....
Also... Steve Yeun looks kinda like a teacher I had before... lol. Just with longer hair and less tan I think.


It was nice to just chill out and watch a little bit of t.v. for once. ^o^ Time to get back on the grind!

Peace out!

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