Thursday, February 19, 2015

King of the Fall

Crossplay as Abel Tesfaye The Weeknd
I'm in my city camoed out, leather booted, kissin b(&*^%^^& in the club.

So, I decided to Abel-ify myself last night. I was having wayyy to much fun with this. lol.
It was on my mind for a while, so I decided to try it out. I used black eyeshadow, a bit of mascara, gel liner, and my dark brown eye brow pencil to create my brows, beard and moustache, and to also help with that sleepy, tired, and kinda stoned look that he always has going on... Well, save for some pictures where he is smiling. LOL

The Weeknd
The Weeknd
So moody!

Though I totally couldn't get my hair like his... nor a wig that I pretty much destroyed... I think I came pretty close for my first try!

Crossplay as Abel Tesfaye The Weeknd
And you have to do it all just to know where it gets you.

You can also check out my vine to see me lip sync to his song lol.

Until next time!!

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