Monday, February 16, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy belated Valentines or Single Awareness day! After getting home from work and meeting a potential roommate, Sandra and I decided to hit up Sakura lounge for a Vday date of sorts.

My Galentine's date *w*)
idek lol

There was lots of singing and the place looked super cute with all the Valentines Day decorations! The night had started off slow, but gained some momentum as more people filed in to bring in some Valentine's cheer with friends and/or lovers.
Its always fun to sing and even more so when you sing with other karaoke lovers! Even more fun to photobomb people's pictures!! > : D

looks like I'm going to a happy hour after work. >o<;

We sang a lot of fun songs... I had to sing some Nicki Minaj songs. heh heh heh. We stayed til like... 4am I think, I had a drunk old Chinese guy sit in my lap and gave me the juiciest kiss on my cheek (He was a total lady killer that night fosho)... then Sandra and I followed up with some nice early morning niblets. 

I got pretty sad that my VDay heart balloon floated away though! lol. dammit...

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