Monday, January 12, 2015

Northern Illinois Jfashion Meet Up

I was invited to come out to Saturday's event that was hosted by Stellarkei from the Northern Illinois Jfashion Club at Mitsuwa and also Round 1 that recently opened up in Bloomingdale.

Japanese fashion and alternative fashion

We chatted and conversed a bit more as we ate snacks and shared stories at our table. One of the ladies noticed I was knitting after I ate my lunch... something people who are into gyaru fashion aren't necessarily known for!

After eating, we got ready for photo ops to capture our outfits that we wore to the meet up.

Japanese fashion and alternative fashion

kawaii japanese and alternative fashion
Group Photo

Elegant mori kei
kawaii mori kei

Get wild and be sexy
gaijin gyaru
Kiana and Galaxxy looked way too cute! ;-;

Japanese fashion and alternative fashion
Not gonna lie, This jacket was just too cute lol

I'll wear black until they make a darker colour.
kawaii fashion
Something's not quite right...

 Too kawaii to live, too sugoi to die!
too kawaii to live, to sugoi to die
Much better!
 Pastel Cuties
Japanese fashion and alternative fashion

Dapperest fellas

After magazines were bought, lunch eaten, and pictures taken, we headed to the recently opened Round 1 in Bloomingdale to take purikura!
I was so excited to see these beautiful machines, I almost cried in excitement! Though it is not that close to Mitsuwa or Gameworks, or even Chinatown for that matter, these machines were a Godsend and have been long awaited for YEARS for Chicagoans!


"What is this contraption?"

kawaii fashion
They had matching Sailor Moon pendants!

When we had our fill of playing arcade games, trying to win cute plushies, and taking purikura, the rest of the group toured and shopped at various stores in the mall.

Despite the cold weather, it was an enjoyable day out meeting with other (Japanese fashion) and alternative fashion enthusiasts!

You can also check out a few more pix on my instagram here!

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