Monday, December 22, 2014

Will the Real Lisha Misha Please Stand Up?

Omg, so it feels good to be getting back to normal...or at least MY normal. haha
Makes me pretty happy to break free from this big ball of stress that I had become due to trying to finish up school and a lotta other things.

STRESS is a MOTHERFUCKER I tell you! (excuse my French, please!)

But, I try to meditate, breathe and other things to keep things flowing, plus I have been doing more yarn crafts lately and just eating whatever some days. Like, is it bad to order a slice of pie, 3 burgers, and a soda from a fast food joint? :x haha!

Even my best friend noticed I was more myself too when she came over! That made me really happy to hear! ;-; I've been feeling kinda like a zombie or... I don't even know.. a werewolf?! But, now I feel mostly human... I think. :p

Anyways, Christmas is almost here! OMG. >___<
It still hasn't truly snowed here in Chicago, and I have not been in the Christmas Spirit this year. It's also freakishly warm for a Chicago December. Makes me wonder what January-March is going to turn out like.

I did go to a Christmas party at a bar though! Drank a lil more than I normally would have, but tis the season, right?! hahaha. Drink responsibly kiddos!

I have a couple of plans for bringing in 2015, so I hope they come through. Too bad there will be so many parties I won't be able to attend though! Time to learn how to clone myself....