Friday, November 14, 2014

Fka Twigs

Fka Twigs

I went to see Fka Twigs at the Metro on Thursday night. My day went a little shitty, but I still made it out to see her perform. I went alone to the concert, a first , haha, but I enjoyed myself.

Sucks that I didn't take any pictures! My phone's battery died faster than usual. I had worn my white wig and a chain and just wore all black... I didn't have any pictures of that either. SHAME ON ME, right?!

The concert was kinda spiritual for me in a way. Yes, it moved me like none other!
I hope she will come next year so me and a old friend can go together next time. Maybe it will be when the weather is warmer so I can really dress up!

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT, I missed a different band'sconcert. Why did they have their concert on the same day? Geez!

I even met a new Colum person too! He is a music major and likes some of the same music as I do.I hope he was able to enjoy the concert too, and I wish him luck on his years at Columbia!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bye Bye GGA

Watch the clip here

Since we both have quite a handful of mutual friends, I am sure the lot of you have seen the official end (at least a wrap up for 2013-2014) of the GGA's. For those who are new to the blog and this fashion, "Gaijin Gyaru Awards", an award show created by Lady Li for the Western Gal community. 
An award show that was to have the community participate in something other than the drama and G_S, and not only that, to have some sort of entertainment for us as well besides the gyaru magazines. Like, c'mon, who cannot say that the para para clips sent in were pretty awesome and a good idea!!

I think that with anything created in the world, in and out of the gyaru community, there will always be people who will love it, feel indifferent, and also show their dislike for it for whatever reason. As for the GGA's people will be mad and probably were,  because they weren't nominated but someone else did or for the fact that the Award show existed. Like dayum, we can't have nothin nice! haha

I felt and still feel really honoured to be asked to be a Presenter for the GGA's! Though I was only a presenter for the GGA's, thank you for your hard work, Lady Li, and also those who had sent in clips and what not, to have made this happen. I thought it was a very sweet gesture and gift to the gyaru community.

Thank you

Thursday, November 6, 2014


Well, I had to work that day, but that's alright. I should have done a bit more to my make up that day even though I was going to be in uniform anyways, but the weather was too gross outside! Not only was it windy, it was drizzling and chilly too. I am surprised my lashes stayed on!

I heard that some kids and parents skipped trick or treating this year because of the weather conditions. Hopefully next year there will be pleasant weather for it.

halloween spirit
Adult potions!
I am glad that one of the other store workers had some Halloween Spirit! And even more happy that I got to see some people in costume too! I found 2 Waldo's, Princess Leia, a stormtrooper, and a baby giraffe to name a few!

Artsy Maid Chicago
Did a lil promoting with Kamilah for the Artsy Maid project!
  So, as of right now, the second project I am assisting with is with the Artsy Maid cafe! We hit 200+ likes this week which is super awesome! I felt super amped again at the end of the day as if I drank one too many RedBulls.

This should have been my Halloween look though... Creepy face and all! ahahah.

As some of you may have seen or know, besides normal life stuff and drawing, I have been doing more Youtube vids in my spare-ish time again! I am glad that I got the energy and ideas for em, and even more glad that some of them have made some people laugh too which is pretty awesome!
Though the vids I am posting now is kinda different and will differ from what I used to upload, I hope that anyone who comes across them will enjoy them. :-)

Here are some links for you to watch!

Gurl Get 2 Wurk

Gals Be Like pt1