Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PuriKura For Illinois!

Why Illinois and not Chicago? Because I am from the City,not Bloomingdale. That is all. ;p

So, from this source, it looks like there will finally be some purikura, or photo booths for people not in the loop, for taking super cute photo stickers to share with friends. Hallelu!
Purikura machine, round 1

For the people who were and still are friends of purikura machines and the cute lil stickers in Chicago, this is and can be great news and a major update. We had a print club booth that was regularly out of order and one could not even use custom backgrounds with their pictures that was customary with these types of photos. Then there was the photo booth that was in Chinatown.... I am not sure which one was even better at that point. The pictures were usually a touch too dark compared to the dated photo booth that was located at one of the arcades near Mitsuwa.

I am looking forward to checking out these booths when it opens up! Just need to find a way to get out there....

You can check out more information here:

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