Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me


Another year has spun for me. A lot more lessons learned, more music listened to, more steps walked.
Today I'm just trying to chill out. Gelato, cheesecake and pizza in hand, listening to Jhene Aiko and Fka Twigs, trying to just sort out the rest of the day and also the rest of the year. Thinking a big &^#$& you to some things and just trying to soothe my overactive mind. Sometimes I think its a curse to be so creative and also not wall yourself off from people in the process.
Also still looking forward to my second/new job too.

Doctor and even the person who reviews my portfolio tells me to chill out and to be kind to myself. Like, damn... have I been that hard on myself and stressing that much lately? Its not like I don't have a reason not to, but gah...
Well, I'm gonna find something to watch or listen to and just do a lil something productive, like completing 50 million more job apps.


  1. Happy [belated] birthday! Hope you enjoyed yourself.
    Looking for a new/second job is always rough, but wishing you luck with it.

    On that, you should listen to their advice—though it's difficult.
    It's always hard to see things when you're smack dab in the middle of stress.
    But you deserve to be kinder to yourself.
    It's advice we should all take every once in a while.

    1. Thank you! I ate way to much pizza and cheesecake lol.

      And for sure. I just have this habit of being hard on myself, and trying to push myself harder, further, faster. But, that only becomes a recipe for burnout, even long before I really get into a seemingly hectic career! >o<

  2. don't worry you will surely run into some great opportunities! andhappy belated birthday :D

    1. Thank you! and I hope so. Sometimes I feel kinda slow at times with somethings. LOL


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