Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Goofin Around With the Shooping

I am so bored, a lil frustrated and dealing with off and on again creativity. I feel so anxious being out of college! But, sometimes, I do channel that anxiousness into a project or portfolio piece.
Anyways..... I got super bored... and was really inspired (REALLY INSPIRED) by Riri's feature and cover spot for W mag. My female roommate threw the mag away and I was pretty pissed off cuz I found an American mag I liked, but I was glad the mag cover was online though.

So.... I decided to use some past pictures from photoshoots and did a slightly mature/mainstream Gal Vip mag layout parody. (=^o^=)

gal vip lisha
Rihanna, eat your heart out! >:D
What's the must-have lust-have burando for the fall season?.... I have no clue, you tell me!!

gal vip lisha
Alternate "covers"

Here are some other pix I was thinking of using from old shoots.
The far right one... looks more like something for Halloween I guess. 

I had fun with this, even had some nice chuckles too. 

Until next time!
ciao ciao

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me


Another year has spun for me. A lot more lessons learned, more music listened to, more steps walked.
Today I'm just trying to chill out. Gelato, cheesecake and pizza in hand, listening to Jhene Aiko and Fka Twigs, trying to just sort out the rest of the day and also the rest of the year. Thinking a big &^#$& you to some things and just trying to soothe my overactive mind. Sometimes I think its a curse to be so creative and also not wall yourself off from people in the process.
Also still looking forward to my second/new job too.

Doctor and even the person who reviews my portfolio tells me to chill out and to be kind to myself. Like, damn... have I been that hard on myself and stressing that much lately? Its not like I don't have a reason not to, but gah...
Well, I'm gonna find something to watch or listen to and just do a lil something productive, like completing 50 million more job apps.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Angry Cat

The past two fashion walks were fun stuff! Couldn't help the rainy day running on a fashionable parade, but one thing does irk me. At the Harajuku Fashion Walk, a few foreign picture takers were quite rude to some of the people who were left over from the Walk, and I showed my discontent in some of those photos. You don't have to be that damned thirsty for a photo. And show some goddamn respect.
People like that tire me out because for real. I have headbutted a guy before, maybe twice, and popped one guy in the mouth and yea,........ I used to be quite the firecracker. ahahaha! Gosh, Humans can be tiring at times.
 There could have been a lot of maybes, but whatever, ya know? Shoulda. Woulda. Coulda.

whew.... But aside from that.... I look forward to more fashion walks in the Windy City. Next time prolly just ignore the fools.

Until next time!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Harajuku Fashion Walk

Fashion Walk-Harajuku Version

I attended the Harajuku Fashion walk on Saturday. I got to strut my stuff with the other very fashionable people all decked out in our gear in Downtown Chicago! From cool to kawaii, we took lots of pictures and chatted with each other. 
Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

Chicago Harajuku Fashion Walk

The walk ended at Millenium Park and we took pictures, had pictures taken by passersby, and also had a mini dance party!

Good job Harajuku Fashion Walk for your Day 1!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Fall Fashion Inspiration

Clothes clothes clothes... Happy October 5th! Its pretty much fall now, and I have not even prepared anything for it fashion wise. I never really do. Chi-town fall and winter are just not my thing. But, I am trying to get some ideas to execute for the fall and winter to look cute for once. heheh

Nicki Minaj
Though I'm not usually partial to knits (I don't think it suits me much)., This one is just so cute! Nicki, you have my heart with this outfit!


So far, I love my Kenneth Cole jacket with skirts and what not. I have another jacket, but I feel it needs to be tailored down a little bit. It also sucks that it has no lapels! This looks is super nice and classy with a hint of sexiness. RAWR! When I wear skirts with jackets, I feel like a kid playing dress up. -_-; Curse my round childlike face! 

Ane Gyaru fashion style

This look is so cuuute! I feel it is perfect for a slightly more mature gal blogger look. A hint of edginess and leather! I am in love!

Fashion inspiration

I feel like I have yet to master the floppy hat, but I would like to one day. A flowy top and shorts that has a hint of psche feel to it is cute and I think would work perfectly for the fall depending on the colours. 

Knit wear inspiration

Knit mid sleeve sweater with a cowl neck, super cute and it looks very comfy. I usually shy away from baggy clothes due to boobage though...

Three different looks that I think can work for fall. I am not feeling the far left one all to much, but the middle outfit and the right one are cute. I might have to try them out somehow.


Cute H&M shoe

Cute H&M shoe\

Cute H&M shoe
H&M's website didn't seem to have a lot of red coloured shoes in their collection, but these jumped out at me from what I looked through. I really want to break away from having all black shoes asap. I think fall is perfect to wear cute booties paired with shirts, skirts, or jeans. I hope to be able to nab a pair or two this season! 

The only fall trend I got on is the use of purple for my eye make up and also a bit on my nails. I don't really count the use of sweaters or beanies and all that. The purple on my nails is a deep one, not too flashy, and it almost had me thinking it was a brown colour.

Lisha's nail design
Nude +  Deep Purple Nail Colour with lace detail
Soom I have to get into seeing how I will coordinate for this fall season. Kind of looking forward to it...slightly.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

PuriKura For Illinois!

Why Illinois and not Chicago? Because I am from the City,not Bloomingdale. That is all. ;p

So, from this source, it looks like there will finally be some purikura, or photo booths for people not in the loop, for taking super cute photo stickers to share with friends. Hallelu!
Purikura machine, round 1

For the people who were and still are friends of purikura machines and the cute lil stickers in Chicago, this is and can be great news and a major update. We had a print club booth that was regularly out of order and one could not even use custom backgrounds with their pictures that was customary with these types of photos. Then there was the photo booth that was in Chinatown.... I am not sure which one was even better at that point. The pictures were usually a touch too dark compared to the dated photo booth that was located at one of the arcades near Mitsuwa.

I am looking forward to checking out these booths when it opens up! Just need to find a way to get out there....

You can check out more information here: