Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Take Yo Wankin Ass Elsewhere!!

I got ready today to eat a meal at a nice restaurant that I've been to, (Strings, Heres lookin at you). A nice meal of savory broth, delicious noodles, and heavenly duck and pork meats, way better than eating a party size bag of Baked! Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles chips and some chocolate chip cookies. 
I slurped my noodles, nibbled my duck and pork meats, and sat content like a cat about to doze off for some minutes. 
Yippu! Should have gotten one with miso broth though!

Afterwards, I wandered a bit in Chinatown, the near desolate streets seeming a little comforting from the hustle and bustle of the morning hours. Wait... Can't get any peace just trying to find a place to sit and digest my noodles! A guy shouts "Aye Sexy" from his car, and also tries to double back as I try to walk a bit faster. I find someplace to sit, but notice a white car, similar to the one that passed me sitting, and then try and park near New Chinatown. 

I walked to the park to avoid any confrontations. Nope nope nope nope.
Wasted time at Ping Tom Park taking in how the light reflected off the slight waves of the water and watched a cute little duck walk past me trying to find food. Sorry lil guy, I prolly ate your dad!

After maybe 30 minutes or so, I start to head home via Red Line. I swipe my Ventra Card and about to walk through the turnstile, and some bozo does a gesture like he's trying to lift up my fucking dress. Really? (Thank goodness I am wearing some badass looking leggings, but still.)

On the Blue line, waiting to arrive home, I notice some shlick shlick shlicking sounds near the train door. Some guy is wanking like no tomorrow! WHAT THE SHIT! NO ONE WANNA SEE YOUR FILTH! 

He left the train car when it arrived to the next stop, worming his way from anyone trying to catch him.

The filth I witnessed today wasn't even the first. A similar incident happened back in 2008 while I was minding my biz, reading manga or a knitting book after a high school art program let out. Kept seeing this odd repetitive motion near me. He bounded away when I got up.

Ladies, gals, girls, and everything in between, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! These pervs don't give a damn out here! Be safe. I think that if you want to wear short skirts or dresses, wear some shorts or briefs or something under: So You Want to Wear Something Short?

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