Friday, September 26, 2014

Pinky Paradise Coupon Code!

Pinkyparadise coupon code

Hello hello! It is drawing close to Halloween Season again, and I hope you all are excited about getting your costumes and outfits together! To help your costume and cosplay needs, here is a 50% off, one use only coupon code from PinkyParadise to use on a new set of yearly lens to beautify your eyes! Yippu!

Enter: Halloween2014lishamisha22 at checkout for your discount!

BTW: Beauty items, Toric and Phantasee lens are not included for this coupon.

If you would like to share what lens you are getting, I would love to see which style and colour you are gonna get! 
Happy Shopping!


  1. Hey, I used the coupon code yesterday and bought Geo Starmish Brown and Vassen Kirei Blue lenses ^^
    thanks! xoxo

    1. Yippu! I am glad it came in handy for you, Nariko! :D Those are a beautiful selection of lens you will have!


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