Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Floating Through the City

I sit at my new fave coffee shop, Argo Tea for a quick snack of Macarons with a lovely touch of Hibiscus tea on the side. When I feel like I have the time, I take a stroll in my city. I tend to wander mostly in the downtown area, taking in the sights and sounds of various parts that are still yet hidden to me.

Downtown Chicago , photography by Lisha

I decided to walk through Old Town and make my way over to the Magnificent Mile. The luxury stores seemed most spectacular on a sleek, moonstone grey rainy day.

Water Tower  photography by Lisha

I like to pop in and out of stores in the Water Tower. There is a Henry Bendel store that opened up several years ago and also a super cute and brainy Marble Store.

Henry Bendel New York Store photography by Lisha

Henri Bendel is one of the stores that Gossip Girl's Blair shopped from. It originated from New York in 1895, their iconic print is a vertical white and brown stripes, and Henri also assisted Coco Chanel in bringing some of her items to America from Paris. How romantic!! <3

Giving the store a look see, I fell in love with some of the purses and accessories. I am also a sucker for the cute little charms they had there too! They also had cute doggy goods too! So adorable!
Though I couldn't get pix inside, I saw that stacking lots of bracelets were totally in in the store. Yippu! >:D

Though I am not a big Gossip Girl fan, I know that my sister and also Ms. Ariell are! Maybe Ariell will come to Chicago one day and check out the store...

marbles the brain store , watertower
Pic courtesy of The Brain Store

I also was highly interested in The Marble store, a place filled with games and books to exercise your brain! I got to play a bit of Anomia, a card game whose name means "not to know". It is a phenomenon when you stall and can't think of an answer, something I do at times. Playing the game a lot is said to help lower the time you stall when you are thinking with a lot of pressure put on you.
I also got to play with these little things called Brain Drops. They expand in water and you can pop them at people! A few of them were popped at me and totally caught me by surprise! XD

Edmund, one of the Marble Store people,  showed me a few various games, and also suggested a trivia book for me to read called The Book of General Ignorance which busts myths throughout history! Weird title >___> but it dispels a lotta stuff in it. SOOOOO, I am glad I got a new book for my collection.

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