Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Floating Through the City

I sit at my new fave coffee shop, Argo Tea for a quick snack of Macarons with a lovely touch of Hibiscus tea on the side. When I feel like I have the time, I take a stroll in my city. I tend to wander mostly in the downtown area, taking in the sights and sounds of various parts that are still yet hidden to me.

Downtown Chicago , photography by Lisha

I decided to walk through Old Town and make my way over to the Magnificent Mile. The luxury stores seemed most spectacular on a sleek, moonstone grey rainy day.

Water Tower  photography by Lisha

I like to pop in and out of stores in the Water Tower. There is a Henry Bendel store that opened up several years ago and also a super cute and brainy Marble Store.

Henry Bendel New York Store photography by Lisha

Henri Bendel is one of the stores that Gossip Girl's Blair shopped from. It originated from New York in 1895, their iconic print is a vertical white and brown stripes, and Henri also assisted Coco Chanel in bringing some of her items to America from Paris. How romantic!! <3

Giving the store a look see, I fell in love with some of the purses and accessories. I am also a sucker for the cute little charms they had there too! They also had cute doggy goods too! So adorable!
Though I couldn't get pix inside, I saw that stacking lots of bracelets were totally in in the store. Yippu! >:D

Though I am not a big Gossip Girl fan, I know that my sister and also Ms. Ariell are! Maybe Ariell will come to Chicago one day and check out the store...

marbles the brain store , watertower
Pic courtesy of The Brain Store

I also was highly interested in The Marble store, a place filled with games and books to exercise your brain! I got to play a bit of Anomia, a card game whose name means "not to know". It is a phenomenon when you stall and can't think of an answer, something I do at times. Playing the game a lot is said to help lower the time you stall when you are thinking with a lot of pressure put on you.
I also got to play with these little things called Brain Drops. They expand in water and you can pop them at people! A few of them were popped at me and totally caught me by surprise! XD

Edmund, one of the Marble Store people,  showed me a few various games, and also suggested a trivia book for me to read called The Book of General Ignorance which busts myths throughout history! Weird title >___> but it dispels a lotta stuff in it. SOOOOO, I am glad I got a new book for my collection.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Pinky Paradise Coupon Code!

Pinkyparadise coupon code

Hello hello! It is drawing close to Halloween Season again, and I hope you all are excited about getting your costumes and outfits together! To help your costume and cosplay needs, here is a 50% off, one use only coupon code from PinkyParadise to use on a new set of yearly lens to beautify your eyes! Yippu!

Enter: Halloween2014lishamisha22 at checkout for your discount!

BTW: Beauty items, Toric and Phantasee lens are not included for this coupon.

If you would like to share what lens you are getting, I would love to see which style and colour you are gonna get! 
Happy Shopping!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Official Merch Up!

Lisha Misha22 Now on Society6!
Grand Opening Goodies!

I now have a brand sparkly new Society6 account! Its about damn time right!!? Time to let my works get out from hibernation and shine!! There will defo be new designs on the way!

Lisha Misha On Society6
I have been quite shy about showing my art and even more shy about selling it over the years. I've sold some drawings and paintings here and there, and maybe showing off a piece of art here and there too. I am not quite sure why it scares me, but, I hope people will enjoy and appreciate them!

I am also going to (hopefullllly) have prints to sell at anime and comic cons for next year too. A lot of people have been asking about them when I attend these conventions, and I hope to be prepared for once!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Chicago Alternative Fashion Walk

Kawaii Chicago
Group shot!
Sen,Eteria, Kevi, Kamilah, Kristi, me

Despite it raining on and off for the first hour of meeting up with a couple of people, the Alt. Fashion Walk/get together was pretty nice. There were many photographs being taken of the outfits, and quite a few people asked to take photos with us or of us!

Cutie Lolita Kevi

CyberGoth Kristi

Cool Gyaru Brittany

Anime Style

I couldn't make the parade/walk part of the Fashion walk because I went to visit some family for a few hours....

I met back up with the rest of the group at Water Tower. We went to Jamba Juice to chill out a for bit, chatting and a few of us sipping smoothies.

Jamba Juice, one of my faves

After we chilled at Jamba Juice for a little while, we split up. Brit, Kristi and I went back to my place after goofing around in Kmart.

look for the girl with the broken smile

Had to show Adam some love. LOL.

Adam levine and Lisha Misha xo

I also had to take a pic with Nicki too lol. Maybe I should have copied her pose instead of one of her expressions??

Lisha Misha and Nicki Minaj

Ciao ciao! 

Thursday, September 18, 2014

New Banner!

Whew! Not only did I update the banner for my Youtube channel...
New Youtube graphic

I also got to redo my banner for my blog too! 
Blog Banner design old
blog banner design new with flowers
The old one wasn't working for the new background I had. Too black and white and the size was just not ready too. For some minor changes, also changed some of the fonts too so its not too busy.
I feel like I should have thrown something fall-esque in there... like some pumpkins or leaves. Maybe I will pop something in there one of these days. hahaha 

So, I have been trying to find a second job or freelance these days. Having another month of no work is not really fun. I applied to a few retail shops and firms. I am trying to stay calm, but I feel like a tea kettle almost at boiling point. :/
Plus, my skills still need refining for normal life/career. *sigh* 

I feel super lost in this post college life. Some days feel really good and I get hopeful, some days seem bleak. I just want to wake up and have it be like a script... wake up from a play or something. lol 

I also don't really get Linkedin either. I was told several times I needed one, but it feels like another Facebook to me...just more boring! I know it is for work, but geez... (-__-;

Other updates... I have been working out and meditating off and on again. Sucks my diet is horrid at the moment. I miss my veggies! 

I have been doing more Youtube vids again! It feels kinda good. I am glad people are enjoying them! 

I am amped for the Alternative Fashion Walk hosted by myself and two of my ColumAlum, Brit and Krisi! I hope you stay tuned for pictures! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Urban Outfitters Strikes Again!

From Fashweekly.com

So, Urban Outfitters does it again. Trying to sell tasteless "vintage" shirts (or a shirt), this time with a painful touch from a recent past in American history. I think by now and all their other "mishaps" are done on purpose to garner attention from the public. "Look at me! I'm being unnecessarily edgey using shock tactics!"

This snippet was taken from the Business Insider page where I found the article:

 "It was never our intention to allude to the tragic events that took place at Kent State in 1970 and we are extremely saddened that this item was perceived as such," the company wrote in a statement. Urban says the red stains (definitely not blood) are from natural discoloration and the holes are from regular wear and tear. 

They claim the holes are from normal wear and tear... but this shirt is manufactured to look like that! And no one, LIKE NO ONE said, "Hey, this school suffered a tragedy way back when... maybe this is a lil tasteless?" A quick google search could clear up a thing or two ya'know! Maybe that is just their gimmick.

I think their meetings go like this:
Person 1:"Let's come out with something shitty over and over again to upset a different group of people."
Person 2:"...Then when people get too red in the face, just take it off the market! What do you guys think?"
Person 1: "Sounds like a plan! lulz"
Everyone else: "YAY!!11!!"
Person 1: "Sooo... What offensive thing should we produce next?"

I am expecting something new and tasteless to come out from Urban Outfitters before this time next year. Let's see if my prediction and psychic abilities prove me right!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nascar + Sprint Event!

Before I went to my meeting with my Colum Alumni and former classmates on the 11th, I strolled from the Water Tower to the South Loop, snapping pictures and loving the grey weather. It was a bit chilly, and I knew it was fall already. Summer came and left too quickly! Oh well...

What's near the Chicago river?

As I was walking towards the South Loop where my school is, I noticed a giant screen right before you hit the Chicago River! Sprint Vision? Big screen? Huge crowd? What the hell was goin on?!
Sprint Vision?
Are they all going to the event too?! 
 I had to wander over here for a nice moment to see what was going on!

Toyota and Racecars?

Red M&M!

Even the Red M&M came out for the event too, ahahah!

Your Gyaru Racecar driver!
Let me be your driver!
 I had to...

Odd angle
Crop it like its odd!


Blue Racecar!

I don't think this particular racecar model was available to be sat in like the yellow one. Blue's one of my fave colours but oh well...

Painted Horse Sculpture.

Saw this painted horse dedicated to the police of Chicago.

detail on Horse

I liked the metal gears on his butt, but no Solid Snake here!

Cute Birds!

Random, but these cute lil birds stopped by the event too!

Toyota sound booth!

I wanted to be in this booth so bad! Or on stage talking as one of the hosts so bad! Maybe one day....?

2015s Camry Model. Toyota, Let's Go Places

Toyota Camry car model for 2015. Sleek, burgandy red, and not mine! :(

My City

Cute Doggy!

Cute lil doggy with booties! Too adorable for words, and very friendly too!

Sprint Vision Screen

Fox 32 Chicago

Eastern European guy I chatted with!
Eastern European guy who took my pic near the Chicago River.
 We chatted a bit before parting. 
When I was leaving the event after chatting with some fellas, (I actually got an age guestimation of 20 this time! I AM NO LONGER A HIGH SCHOOLER NOW! YIPPU) I got asked for my picture by this guy up here ^.  We chatted for a bit. He was here in Chicago til September for vacation. He seemed to like Chicago and might even come back! We parted near the edge of Millenium park where Cloud Gate sits.

For anyone attending the Nascar racing event, tell me how it was!! :D

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Take Yo Wankin Ass Elsewhere!!

I got ready today to eat a meal at a nice restaurant that I've been to, (Strings, Heres lookin at you). A nice meal of savory broth, delicious noodles, and heavenly duck and pork meats, way better than eating a party size bag of Baked! Cheddar and Sour Cream Ruffles chips and some chocolate chip cookies. 
I slurped my noodles, nibbled my duck and pork meats, and sat content like a cat about to doze off for some minutes. 
Yippu! Should have gotten one with miso broth though!

Afterwards, I wandered a bit in Chinatown, the near desolate streets seeming a little comforting from the hustle and bustle of the morning hours. Wait... Can't get any peace just trying to find a place to sit and digest my noodles! A guy shouts "Aye Sexy" from his car, and also tries to double back as I try to walk a bit faster. I find someplace to sit, but notice a white car, similar to the one that passed me sitting, and then try and park near New Chinatown. 

I walked to the park to avoid any confrontations. Nope nope nope nope.
Wasted time at Ping Tom Park taking in how the light reflected off the slight waves of the water and watched a cute little duck walk past me trying to find food. Sorry lil guy, I prolly ate your dad!

After maybe 30 minutes or so, I start to head home via Red Line. I swipe my Ventra Card and about to walk through the turnstile, and some bozo does a gesture like he's trying to lift up my fucking dress. Really? (Thank goodness I am wearing some badass looking leggings, but still.)

On the Blue line, waiting to arrive home, I notice some shlick shlick shlicking sounds near the train door. Some guy is wanking like no tomorrow! WHAT THE SHIT! NO ONE WANNA SEE YOUR FILTH! 

He left the train car when it arrived to the next stop, worming his way from anyone trying to catch him.

The filth I witnessed today wasn't even the first. A similar incident happened back in 2008 while I was minding my biz, reading manga or a knitting book after a high school art program let out. Kept seeing this odd repetitive motion near me. He bounded away when I got up.

Ladies, gals, girls, and everything in between, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE! These pervs don't give a damn out here! Be safe. I think that if you want to wear short skirts or dresses, wear some shorts or briefs or something under: So You Want to Wear Something Short?