Monday, August 11, 2014

No More Workaholic, More Beach! Part2


I got invited to go to the beach this Sunday. I had recieved a text saying to bring usual things (towels, blankets etc) and pillows. I was confused. Pillows... to the beach?
But, even random things like that come in super handy.

This was maybe the first time I took a nap at the beach.
And maybe even the first time of swimming at one too!

Tanning my sausage legs
Selfies before naptime

Edging towards the water
 We also went swimming too. The water was so cold and it took me a while to get used to it. After a few attempts, I had found myself thigh deep in cold water. The second go round, up to my chest. Though a little odd to say perhaps, it was very thrilling!

It has been toooo long since I swam. Maybe a bit over a decade ago? It felt really good.The waves were a little strong to really get far by swimming, which was a lil sad. haha.

Sucks that summer is almost over and I totally did not take advantage of June and July to explore a lot. Oh well. I don't have to take classes at all this fall, so that is a plus and a block of time that can be used for something interesting.

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