Friday, August 8, 2014

New Nail!

A new nail for a new month! This time, I wanted to go clear + a design instead of the usual glitter nails.

Nail station set up. I keep all my supplies that I will use over the next few hours close by. I have been doing gel nails for about a year or so instead of acrylics. Though they are said to be less strong than acrylics, I feel that they look a bit better. And for this project, they seem to come out a little clearer than acrylic solutions.

Before I really start, I try to either come up with a concept or look through various magazines I have for some ideas. I ask my self what kinda nails I'd like to sport like "What theme will I go for?" "What colour combinations?" and even length and nail shape style; 
oval, square, pointed, long, medium or short. 

I don't own a lot of colour polishes right now to do neon or pastel colours, partially because I just don't own anything of those colour schemes in my wardrobe!  

After deciding what I want to do, it is time to get the party started!!!!

I use nail form stickers mainly when I do my nails and nail tips when I'm being a little lazy.

Abstract design
 Nail length created, cleaned, smoothed and designed applied! If I do a design for my nails, I drop a bit of polish on my working space or on my plastic nail container bin and use that to dip my brush in. 

 I didn't have anything "cool" to hold, lol, and didn't want to grab my applesauce jar. hehehe.

I don't see a lot of posts of other people posting their nails up these days. Mainly face pix. Oh well.


  1. Which gel brands do you use? Is it hard gel or soft gel? :) I love nails and do my nails at home frequently! You can see some of my nails on my instagram @suteisi if you feel like it.

    1. I used to use the stuff from Sally's Beauty Supply then switched to Sheba Nails for my nail art needs. The big jar in the pix is supposedly a thicker gel, but didn't seem that thick than the Sally's stuff. Maybe thicker in comparison to their own line of products. And I will check out your nail art!


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