Monday, August 11, 2014

Circle Lens Review!

Geo Nudy Grey Review

 Click for the Video version!

So, over the years, Geo Nudy lens have been my fave! I am not sure why I gravitated to that particular style. It has a very soft look to them and a halo effect when you shift your gaze over. I was new to coloured contact lens when I purchased my first pair in like '09. I didn't want to get brown or black because that was too normal, and I was a little too shy to purchase a really in your face colour! So I chose grey!

I also am very picky when it comes to circle lens selection if I don't have something in mind right away. Though I have tried some various other colours, I really like grey lens and Nudy Grey style the most for non "normal" days. 

Lisha's circle lens
I stopped purchasing from my original lens carrier and decided to go with Maples Lens thanks to Pepa's suggestion. 
The lens are named Geo Super Nudy grey, priced at 18.90$USD, not including shipping. 

Lisha's circle lens
Let the Super Magic begin!!
Diameter : 14.8mm
Water Content : 42%
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Life Span : 1 Year Disposal

They arrived pretty damned fast! About, 2 days after purchasing! WOWZERS. Most people, including yours truly, get lens about a week or two after purchasing and I've heard horror stories of people not getting their lens after like a month or so! Not having a long waiting time to get your coveted lens is a big plus for me!

Lisha's circle lens

I thought that these would be bigger than my older Nudy Lens, but appeared a tad smaller for whatever reason while in the animal soaking case.

Lisha's circle lens
Video Comparison

The limbal ring is a lot darker than the other Nudy Lens type. I think this helps enhance the halo effect. 

Lisha's circle lens

Lisha's circle lens
Bright light

Lisha's circle lens
The top one is the Super Nudy, the bottom just Nudy. The Super Nudy has a smaller inner circle unfilled by colour than its counter part.

Lisha's circle lens
Regular Nudy on the left has a lighter and fainter edge and colour than the Super Nudy on the right.

I think I will keep Maples Lens bookmarked from now on. Their shipping was awesome and very unexpected.

Colour: 4/5  
Comfort: 4.5/5 
Design: 3.5/5 ( I like the pixelated design compared to some other circle lens lovers) It doesn't show up that much when you aren't super close to someone and it isn't that bright.
I think Super Nudy will be one of my on hand lenses. Love them so much!


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    1. here is the link to the song!

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